All Of Him 

All of me and none of Him,
Part of me and part of Him,
Less of me and more of Him,
None of me and all of Him.

Before I knew the Lord myself,
Before I took His name,
I thought life was so exciting,
That it was just a game.

Myself and none of Jesus,
I couldn’t see my sight was dim,
My thoughts were just of me myself,
Myself and none of Him.

Then I became acquainted,
With this man of Galilee,
He came into my heart that day,
And said these words to me.

“I’d like to live inside you,
Don’t listen to your every whim,”
That day I made Him my partner,
Part of me and part of Him.

Then I began to feel a need,
I was no baby any more,
So just like in the natural,
I threw that bottle out the door.

I wanted more of Jesus,
My spiritual man was much too slim,
So I put away more of my flesh,
Less of me and more of Him.

Then one day my eyes were opened,
I got a vision of the Bible,
I knew no matter what the cost,
That day I would decide.

To take on more of Jesus,
For when He removed the film,
My eyes then saw the Glory,

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