An Appointed Place - Woman At The Well (1) 

Woman at the Well – Full Study

And Jesus must needs go through Samaria.
John 4:4

Needs of Individuals

What very precious and heart-warming words were written in this little verse: He must 'needs go' through Samaria. Earlier He had a personal interview with Andrew and John.. who beheld, the Lamb of God. They sat with Him for a few hours, but they came out with new hope and new motives. Also, He spent an evening with a member of the Sanhedrin – Nicodemus, and from this intimate meeting and cherished fellowship, a man was born again. And here, today we discover that Jesus must needs to go through Samaria. 

Needs of a Woman

We are not told that the scenery was better in that region. We are not informed that Jesus thought it would be a nice change! He HAD to go.. because there was one precious woman who needed Him.. so, He needs to travel through Samaria; He needs to go there. The route through this particular terrain was arduous and very hostile, for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans. John 4:9. This was indeed a route to Galilee, that for preference was avoided by the Jew. The established route was to the east along the path of the Jordan River.. but this western route caused Jesus to travel through ‘occupied‘ land.. territory inhabited by the despised Samaritans. A place of rejection and scoffing; a place more often avoided than courted.

Needs of Sinners

Why? Why is it that He must 'needs go' this way?  Why?  Because there was a well along the way by which He needed to travel – Jacob’s Well. Jesus knew that at the sixth hour a woman would be there.. a woman lost in trespasses and sins – a woman without God and without hope. Oh yes, a woman needed Him. He was her hope; He was her one hope; He was her one and her only hope. But the woman would not have come to Jesus. He needed to go to her. Yes – Jesus must 'needs go' through Samaria. He needs to see the woman at the well. He needs to tell her that He is the Saviour of all. He needs to save her from herself and from self, and from sins.

We 'Needs-Must-Go'

There are places in each of our lives where we 'NEEDs must go'…. places that may break our hearts - but where “needs must go… places that are hard and arduous – but we need to be there.. places that are painful and places that are disappointing.. places that are uncomfortable and places that are even hostile.. places where we are ridiculed and places where we are rejected – places where we are ignored and places where we meet with contempt. Places where we 'needs must go'.

Meeting Christ – Through Us

Though we may be despised and rejected as was our Lord, we 'needs must go'. Though we may be a man or woman of sorrow and acquainted with grief – we 'needs must go'. Remember that Jesus said, I do nothing of myself. John 5:30 And He only went where the Father sent Him.. and He only did that which the Father told Him. If you are willing He will put you where you are meant to be.. and He will remove you when your job is finished. But until that time – go where you 'needs must be' – or stay in the place where needs have placed you. Lord, Here AM I.

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