Disciple All Nations 

If ye continue in My Word, then are ye My disciples indeed" (John 8:31).

The plague of personal work is the quick, the easy, the maneuvered decision. No matter how long it takes, our Lord allows the necessary time for a heart to be prepared of the Spirit in order that it might be truly born of the Spirit. Adequate preparation before bringing the soul to Him will eliminate much disappointment and frustration (for all concerned) after conversion. Once we see that the Lord Jesus saves individuals with the purpose of making them His disciples, we will aim to be more thorough in our witnessing and subsequent soul-winning.

"The commission given to the apostles was to make disciples, not just converts,' of all nations; and we can never set aside our Lord's commands without laying up for ourselves a whole store of unnecessary suffering and frustration. I wonder how many promising converts' have been swept into the ranks of the sects whose teachings are based in error, because of this omission?"

"In our day we promote elaborate follow-up' schemes to keep our converts' in the right way, but I sometimes wonder if a little more time spent right at the outset in ensuring that these converts are properly born,' so that they can be receptive of the Spirit's teaching, would not save much heartache and make certain that God's work in their lives is done in His way." -J.C.M.

"Woe to the worthless shepherd that leaveth the flock" (Zech. 11:17, ASV).

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