Garden Of Delight 

And the Lord planted a garden…”
Genesis 2:8

New World

What a simple and yet beautiful picture – a new world had just been created. The earth had become without form and void and covered in thick darkness, and then. God spoke the Word, and the Spirit hovered and... “Let There Be Light” – and there was.

Cascade of Creation

And then a wonderful cascade of creation began to flood into being, over 6 days, The firmament was made. Waters divided. Sea was formed. Dry land appeared. Vegetation overflowed. Herbs and trees grew. Fruit and seed and all manner of food was produced. A beautiful, colourful, glorious picture was being painted by the Master..  sculptured, by the Master-Craftsman.

Day and Night

And then.. The dazzling sun, burst into light and the radiant moon reflected its light, to govern the day and rule the night – for signs and seasons – for days and years. Twinkling stars were flung into the heavenly spaces and set as God commanded.

Sea and Sky

And then.. Water creatures streamed into the oceans and flying things soared into the skies. Fish and foul of every dimension and size; hue and colour; tone and tint and tinge. Be fruitful and fertile – multiply and proliferate and fill and flood the earth with beauty, Soar into the heights, plunge into the depth and glorify your Creator in heaven.

Multiplicity of Creatures

And then… A multiplicity of creatures: cattle and living beasts charged onto life’s canvas. Butterflies and badgers; pigs and pandas; large and small; hairy and smooth; all designed to glorify God – all unique in their praise of their heavenly Creator.

Man in God’s Image

And then… God said… “Let US make man in our OWN image after OUR own likeness.” And man was made to rule and to reign. Man was created to have dominion over all in the earth. “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God created He him; male and female He created them” Genesis 1:7 He made them to complement each other and to rule and reign together as one flesh, Man in authority, and his bride and helper at his side – in the image and likeness of God.

A Glorious Garden

Having brought into being the whole world in all its essential beauty – and in all its primal light, the Lord sought out a special spot – a private place – a place in which to plant a glorious garden. A garden resplendent with all the lushness of living life – and everything that was good.

Beauty and Sustenance

Gathered up in this one plot was all the good from God’s heart; prepared for man: - beauty to behold; sustenance for man’s food; pleasantness to warm man’s heart. All that God created and all that God does and all that God is is good - very good.

Picture of Redemption

And then comes into view the river of life – living water to nourish all He made. And then we see the tree of life that will feed the saints and heal the nations. And then we see the tree of knowledge.. with its attached warning. And then we see the innocent sacrifice – slain to cover man’s sin. And then… and then.. and on and on and on we read the Scriptures…. of Him.

Testimony of Christ

Nothing God says and nothing God does is by chance or of no effect. Search the scriptures for in them you think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of Me.” John 5:39  And here in this simple passage, in this extreme transformation – we see Christ. The Lord Christ Jesus is set forth in this garden of “Eden” All that is in this garden of “Delight” speaks of Him.

Spoken Word

Is He not the Word that spoke creation into being? Is He not the One that holds all that is made together? Is He not the light of life that lights every man that comes into the world? Is He not the tree of life and has He not the power of life and death? Has He not the keys of death and hell? Revelation 1:8

Sum and Sphere

Is He not the river of Life - the One that is the only refreshment we need? Is He not the One with all knowledge and wisdom? And are not all the deepest secrets of God concerning good and evil bound up in Him? He is the sum, the sphere – the centre and the circumference of all things.

All in All

If we want to partake of all that is summed up in the delights of His kingdom... His life.. His garden, it can only be achieved as He is seated in His rightful position in our lives, for God has determined that He is all and He is all in all. And out of Him alone – all things shall live and move and have their being.

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