God’s Glorious Grace 

to the praise of His glorious grace, with which He has blessed us in the Beloved
Ephesians 1:6

His Very Own

His very own, His very own,
Wonderful grace in His Word is made known,
Chosen by the Father,
Purchased by the Son,
Sealed by the Spirit,
I’m His very own.

Story of Grace

Oh! the riches of His grace - the wonders of His grace - the glories of His grace. We are recipients of the wonderful story of grace conceived in the heart of the Father. We were foreknown to the Father before the world was created and man was made. Overflowing blessings and provision in abundance have been foreordained for us. We are predestined to become like the Son of His love and foreordained to son-ship.

Wonderful Wealth

The Father has allowed us a glimpse into the wonderful wealth of all we are in Him. He has given us a peep behind the scene of His infinite wisdom and boundless love.. for He chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world. He purposed that we should be holy and blameless before Him.

Adoption as Sons

Through His love He predestined us to adoption as sons, through Jesus Christ..  and He did this according to His kind intention and gracious will – and He did this to the ultimate praise of the glory of His grace. Oh! the riches of His grace - the wonders of His grace - the glories of His grace.

Work of Christ

God’s grace is founded on the work of Christ, the Son of God Who is God the Son, for His plan has provided redemption and purchased us from the penalty of sin. In Christ, the Beloved, we are redeemed, released, purchased, and paid for. In Christ, we are chosen and positioned with Him in high and heavenly places. In Christ, we’re adopted as sons, given an inheritance, and made joint-heirs with Christ.

In the Beloved

We are beloved of the Father and accepted by Him because we are in the Beloved. He has made known to us the mystery of His will – summing up all things in Christ.. and all this and more is according to His purpose and the counsel of His will. All this is to the praise of His gracious glory and His glorious grace. So that in ages to come we might manifest the riches, wonder, and glory of His grace. OH! the riches of His grace - the wonders of His grace - the glories of His grace.

Grace Upon Grace

Our sins are forgiven and we’re made alive – quickened into new and abundant life, and the supernatural grace of sanctifying grace cascades into God’s glorifying grace. The surpassing riches of His bountiful grace are free, forever and in union with Him. At the core of our faith beats God’s heart of grace that showers grace upon more grace.

His Creative Hand

We are the workmanship of His creative hand, and His grace is our great enabler. We are the creative and skilful product of His sweet and loving intention towards us and His grace enlightens our mind, strengthens the will, and rejoices our inner being.

His Prize Possession

God willed, planned, and purposed that we will be His prize possession. We are HIS! Our ultimate goal and His planned purpose is to be.. to the praise of His great glory. Our triumphant testimony is to resound with praises to the glory of His grace. We are recipients of the greatest love story of the universe – and it is all by grace. Oh, the riches of His grace: the wonder of His grace: the glory of God’s grace.

Depth of His Grace

Oh, that we and all believers might grasp, understand the depth of His grace. Oh, that we and all who are His body and bride might live to His glory and praise.. that we seek a life that is Christ-centred – that we seek to know Him more – that in love we might do all to His praise and glory, for He alone is worthy.

Signed and Sealed

This and more is guaranteed, authenticated, signed, and sealed by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit Himself has given us His assurance that God’s plan will be completed. The Spirit of promise is safeguarding the inheritance of all believers. The Spirit has sealed us and indwells us – as the Guarantor of God’s pledge to us.

Thankful Praise

We are the recipients of the wonderful story of grace conceived in the Father’s heart. Again and again, let us join in thankful praise of the glory of His wonderful name. Chosen by the Father. Purchased by the Son. Sealed by the Spirit – I’m His very own. Oh! the riches of His grace - the wonders of His grace - the glories of His grace,

Bible verses: Ephesians 1:6
Topics: Grace

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