Heavenly Places 

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ Who has blessed us in heavenly places … in Christ.
Ephesians 1:3

Perfect Sacrifice

Christ lived His perfect life in a perfect body of flesh and blood – a human body. He went to the cross willingly, for the perfect sacrifice had to be a willing body. Christ rose from the dead in a perfect body of flesh and bone – a glorified body. His death secured our pardon from sin and His resurrection secured our eternal life.

Eternal Destiny

Christ was covered with our sins so that we could be arrayed with His righteousness. Christ was identified with our sinfulness so that we could identify with all that is His. Christ shared in our humanity so that our eternal destiny with Him could be secured – so all the blessings that are rightfully His would be shared with all who believe.

Magnified Blessings

God has blessed us in heavenly places – literally He has blessed us in the heavenlies. God has blessed us in Christ – literally we share in all that rightfully belongs to Him. God has blessed us – but often we don’t comprehend the magnitude of His blessings.

Heavenly Blessings

It was His purpose, His plan, and His desire to bestow on us His heavenly blessings. He predestined us to be adopted as His sons according to His good pleasure, and this blessing in the heavenlies was purposed in Christ – and we are in Him,  for all blessings we have in Christ are simply blessings in heavenly places – and because we are in Christ we are blessed in the heavenlies – in HIM.

Hope in Christ

It was God’s purpose to redeem us through the blood of Jesus and to forgive our sins, and He purposed this heavenly blessing in accordance with the riches of His grace. God willed to break down the wall of separation between His holy Self and fallen sinners,  that we, who are the first to hope in Christ, might be for the praise of His glory.

Seal of God

We were marked with the seal of God as a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until our redemption comes into its fullness for we are His chosen possession. And all these blessings are in heavenly places.. where Christ Himself is seated.  And we who are in Christ are blessed in the heavenlies – for we are in HIM.

Incomparable Power

God revealed His incomparably great power when He raised Christ from the dead. Then God placed all things in heaven and earth and below the earth under his feet, so that we who are His body would have the same mighty power in our lives – and because we are His body and we are in Christ, we are blessed in the heavenly places.

Incomparable Love

God in His incomparable love has blessed us in the heavenlies in a myriad of ways. God who is rich in mercy made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in sins. He brought us out of darkness into the glorious light of the great gospel of Christ, for we are God’s handiwork and are created in Christ Jesus to do good works,  which God in His grace has prepared for us to do in advance.

Glorious Inheritance

God has bestowed on all His holy people the riches of His glorious inheritance. Our future home is assured and our place of residence is the heavenly Jerusalem, and that inheritance is ours through Christ Who is seated in heavenly places – for all blessings that we have in Christ are simply blessings in the heavenlies – blessings we have in Him.

Christ’s Supremacy

Christ is Himself already seated at the right hand of the Majesty on high – in heaven. Christ’s supremacy was authorised by the Father when He was raised from the dead,  and God has put everything in subjection under His feet, until Christ is all and in all – and our blessings are secured in heavenly places for they are all in CHRIST.

Secure Position

Christ is located in heavenly places above all principalities and powers. There is a flesh and bone Man in the heavenlies, seated on the throne of God.. and God has placed all His born-again children in Christ – in heavenly places. Believers are eternally located in this secure position because we are in Christ.. we are in union with Christ – we are one with Christ. He is in union with us and we are in union with Him – all because we are IN Christ.

Heavenly Sphere

All believers are in Christ and at this present time are seated with Him – in Christ. All Christians are in Him and forever seated with Him : in Him, in heavenly places. God has bestowed on us blessings of position, privilege, power, and responsibility, for this is a spiritual conflict with principalities and powers in heavenly places – and we are in Christ; identified with Him and our sphere of operation is heavenly.

Spiritual Realm

We are part of this spiritual battle – but the war of the ages was won at the cross. The privileges and blessings bestowed on all in Christ – are in the heavenly realm, and we are to live and function in the spiritual realm, because of our union with Christ. Our physical position is with our feet planted on the earth - the terrestrial plane, but our eternal, spiritual position is in Christ in heavenly places - the celestial sphere.

Eternal Perspective

Because we are already positioned in Christ, we are eternally safe and forever secure, and our life should display a heavenly attitude and reflect an eternal perspective. Our heart and mind should be set on heavenly things – for we are already in Christ, and we are blessed – already blessed – we are already blessed above all measure in Him.

Heavenly Beings

This world is not our home. We are heavenly beings that are passing through. We are to set our hearts of heavenly things not on earthly things – for we are in Christ. We may be poor in the world goods, but we have every spiritual blessing, in Christ. We may face sorrow and pain, be we have an eternal and heavenly joy without end. We may have nothing, yet God has blessed us beyond our mortal understanding. We may be surrounded by trouble, but our hope in Christ is guaranteed by God. We may be perplexed and cast down, but in Christ, we have all that makes for life.

Ephesians 1:3

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ Who has blessed us in the heavenlies … in Christ. Ephesians 1:3

Bible verses: Ephesians 1:3

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