Problem of the Stone 

Author: T. Austin-Sparks

When they looked up, they saw that the stone was already rolled back, for it was very large... and they were utterly amazed. (Mark 16:4; 5 AMP)

When the Lord moves for His own Son's sake, and has those interests governing, and when those interests have brought us into such a relationship with Him that we can say there is no stone so big to be removed, no problem so great for solving, no difficulty so intense, but the Lord will do what is necessary for His Son's sake – when we have come to a position like that, the Lord is free to do a lot of things very quietly. And we say, they just "happen." Ah, but they have been the objects of the exercise of exceeding great power – "There was a great earthquake" (Matt. 28:2). But here, in this aspect of the situation, it does not seem to be an earthquake at all. It has just happened. We must recognize that there is an aspect of activities in which the secret, quiet working of His immense power dismisses the greatest difficulties as though they had never existed. Sometimes He may bring us into the presence of the working of His power that its manifestation is terrific, but not often and certainly not always. For faith it is more like this: there is such power at work as to make possible the setting aside of the obstacle very quietly, so that we afterwards wonder – "And they were amazed." And the angel said, "Be not amazed." It is good to have amazement, but let us recognize that a certain amount of our amazement is because we have not sufficient faith.

THEODORE AUSTIN-SPARKS (1888-1971) left all his writings freely to the body of Christ. There is no copyright on any of T. Austin Sparks work. It was his heart that they be shared freely. You are free to use his material but they can never be sold for profit. If sharing his material please don’t change any wording to keep the original words intact, and please ascribe them to the author. Many of His books can be downloaded for free at the Austin Sparks Library, and Immanuel Church offer to send anyone who desires his print books for free.

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