Take Heed 

Urgent or Important?

For years the ping-pong argument of who wrote Hebrews has raged to and fro. Was it Paul who wrote it or was it someone else.. and if so who could it be?  That’s the question that’s stumped many a theologian. But who cares, and what does it matter? Yet this is just one small area in Christendom’s realm that deflects one's attention.  This is one of a myriad of subjects that looks away from Jesus to the 'urgent.'  This debate is one of ‘pressing titivations’ that deflect us from our real focus – Jesus.  What idiots these men are to debate such insignificant and unimportant issues, when God is speaking within the sacred pages of this inspired letter.

Bedrock of Truth

In Luke 24 we read:- Oh fools and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken…  to take on board all that God’s Word says and reveals. But how frequently today the urgent is sought out at the expense of the important. How often, in these days, is the intriguing preferred before the bedrock of truth.. and how often Christians can’t see the wood for the trees in their area of ‘expertise.’ And yet within the pages of this one epistle are instructions of immense proportion. Hebrews contains information that has eternal consequences in the life of the saved.

Warning Message

This letter spells out in bold warning strokes, the consequences of unpreparedness. It tolls like a cautionary alarm bell to those ignoring the call to faithful preparation. It waves a frantic red flag in the faces of all who ignore its vital message. The religious state of those, to whom Hebrews was written, was far from satisfactory. Some were ‘slothful‘.  Some were 'not giving earnest heed,' in a life that was feeble. Some had back-slidden, while others neglected sanctification – yielding to the flesh. Some were in huge danger of falling short of the promises, and still more sinned wilfully. Some drew back to perdition, and many just gave up their faith in Jesus.

Multiple Warnings

Warning after warning flood through the pages of Hebrews - of consequences. Ensuing consequences is the severe warning that is sounded. Severe consequences is the unheeded 'warning-toll' throughout its pages. Don’t neglect so great salvation – is the warning in ch 2. Don’t fall short of the promised rest – is the alarm sounded in ch 3. Be careful not to be slothful, or stand still or fall away – screams ch 6. Don’t sin wilfully or draw-back to perdition, ignoring sanctification – warns ch 10. Remember, it all depends on FAITH and faithfulness – counsels ch 11. Don’t fall short of the grace of God by refusing to LISTEN to Him – pleads ch 12

Example of Israel

Take heed of Israel’s shortcomings and loss, is the warning throughout Hebrews. But today as then the warnings, in general, remain unheeded by most believers. Many born-again believers remain babes throughout their whole Christian life. Some make a strong profession in an early flush, but then standstill with little growth. Many lose heart and turn back to the world – feeling God has let them down. Some make a pathetic pretence.. exhibiting a gracious outward religiosity while inwardly sliding backwards big time. What the Hebrew Christians in Paul’s day needed is what we all need today.

Looking to Jesus

That does not mean not looking ourselves to overcome but looking to the Lord Jesus. The answer is never in ourselves and our own self-effort but in Christ Jesus. But the old self-life is incredibly powerful and the older we get the more difficult it becomes to yield self to Him. Some, praise God, DO come to the very end on themselves when God breaks their heart. If God is dealing like this in your life – be thankful and bless His name. May God bring every one of us the point where our lives are broken before Him – for a broken and a contrite heart God will never despise. The best way to start.. it is to cry, in humility of heart.. “search me O God..and do in me, whatever it takes, to bring me back into close fellowship with Yourself.”

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