The Fullness of Grace - Perfect MAN Eternal SON (27) 

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen His glory – glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.
John 1:14

Perfect Law

The perfect Law was engraved on stone but is unable to beat with a heart of pure love. The faultless Law cannot empathise with our weakness or understand our difficulties. The letter of the Law may be perfect, but is insufficient to reveal the Father’s love. The ministration of law came through Moses, but fullness of grace came via Jesus.

Enriching Grace

The elements of the Law placed men under bondage, for the letter of the law kills, but the personification of grace gives abundant life – a life that’s enriched by grace. The glory of the Law shone in the glowing face of Moses – but that brilliance faded. The glory of God’s grace is the glory of the only Son Who is begotten of the Father.

Glory of God’s Grace

The ministration of grace can never fail, for Jesus Christ is infinite, and He is perfect. He is perfect in His Being and Work; His Word and His Ways. His grace can never fail. The glory of Christ is beautifully seen in the essential attributes of the living God. His glory is interwoven with His handiwork; His skill; His wisdom and His kindness.

Face of Jesus

The glory of God’s grace is a lantern that illumines the whole of Christ’s character. His Grace becomes a platform, upon which every perfection of Deity stands, and the fullness of the glory God’s grace, is reflected in the face of Jesus Christ. It was grace in its fullness that caused the Godhead to look down the corridors of time and purpose an eternal plan that would redeem a sinful race of humanity from sin.  

Fullness of Grace

It was the fullness of grace that conceived of the plan of salvation that purposed that He’d plead the hopeless cause of unregenerate man and undertake to pay its price. It was the person of Christ Who demonstrated the fullness of grace on Calvary’s cross and out of His fullness have we all received grace upon grace upon much more grace, for in Christ is all the fullness of the Godhead bodily – the fullness of all grace.

God’s Plan

Grace was not a modification of the original plan of God for man when He realised that the Law was a ministration of death. The Law was designed to point people to Christ. God did not have to send the Lord Jesus Christ as the Word made flesh, to modify the original plan He had purposed for man… Grace was God’s plan from the beginning.

Grace and Truth

The fullness of God’s grace was in the heart of our gracious God when He purposed, before the foundation of the earth, that the WORD would become flesh and dwell among His people, so we could see the glory of God’s grace, reflected in the face of the lovely Lord Jesus – glory as of the only Son from the Father – full of grace and truth.

Bible verses: John 1:14
Topics: GraceMan

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