The Immutable God - Character and Attributes of God (23) 

STUDY - Character and Attributes of GOD 

Changing World

‘’Change and decay in all around I see,” go the words of that well-loved hymn. Oh Thou who changes not, the immutable God, abide with me. As we look back over our various lives, not one thing remains unchanged. People come and go, and our hearts are touched for good or stained with pain.


Death claims many, and betrayal or disinterest have waved others farewell.. and life marches on. Nothing stays the same. Opportunities come and go like the proverbial merry-go-round. We miss many favourable circumstances – and make many wrong choices.

Fluctuating Faith

Our faith fluctuates like the tides of the sea – now strong - now failing fast. Our love and hope often waxes and wanes, like the phases of the moon. The laws of mutation, have set its mark upon the brow of all humanity. Gray hair replaces glossy black or shining golden tresses. Faces start to wrinkle and feet to swell. Eyes start to dim and memories to fade. The lithe strength of youth is replaced with memories of what it used to be. Teeth are capped and pressure of daily life replace a long-lost free spirit.

Altered Attitudes

We live in a world where men forget us and alter their attitudes towards us. Affections are transferred as more ‘interesting’ company is courted. Friends we consider so stable, forget loyalty as private interest dictates. Oh yes, change and decay in all around I see.. and so do you. But God is immutable. God is the changeless One, with no degree of turning. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever – Amen. Heb.13:8

Decaying World

In the carousel of life, even the man of faith is dissatisfied with his earthly lot, and we long for stability in just something – anything.. until we begin to understand the reason for the impermanence. God designed a mutating life with innumerable ever-changing scenes, so that we would become dissatisfied with this decaying world system.

Metamorphic Round

God organised life’s’ metamorphic round to cause dis-ease in the soul.. to contrast in ever stringent tones with His immutability and constancy. God in His wisdom knows nothing can ever satisfy the cravings of a human heart.. save Himself.

One Foundation

God is the One and Only unchangeable foundation upon which to rest. He does not keep office hours, or live in an alternative time zone. He is ever-present. He is always receptive to whatever pain or distress weighs heavily on the heart. He doesn’t alter His opinion of me.. or take back the promises that He bestowed. His mood towards me never changes. His love is ever deep and ever pure. His attitude toward my sin remains forever the same – forgiven and forgotten. His grace towards me is unending. His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures on and on from one generation to the next.. and the next.

Eternal Promises

Never, ever consider, that God has changed from the truth of His Word. His promises are everlasting and His truth is all-embracing, for He is the immutable God Who is changeless in time and through eternity. He is no respecter of persons and His love towards you is as great as for David. His grace and gifts are as freely given to you, as to His beloved disciple.

Changeless Nature

Any lack results from your misinterpretations of the truth of His changeless nature. Any deficiency is because of your change-FULL-ness – never His change-LESS-ness. But God will not compromise nor be coaxed into changing His changeless decrees. He’ll not be persuaded to wink at rebellion or answer a prayer of self-centeredness. He will not withdraw His correction from the wilful child of disobedience. He will never be coaxed or seduced into sharing His throne with King-Self. I am the LORD.  I change not. Mal.3:6

Source of Stability

May all life’s disappointing variations point us to the only Source of stability. May the world’s oscillating seductions draw us to the One Who doesn’t change. May the fluctuating fancies of the flesh help us to rest in the immutable God – the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the Same yesterday, today, and for the eternal ages to come.

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