The Lord Jesus Christ 

God anointed Jesus of Nazareth.”
Acts 10:38

Joined to the Lord… one spirit.”
1 Cor.6:17

Four Simple Words

The Lord Jesus Christ. These four simple words “The Lord Jesus Christ.” They combine to represent perfection. Glorious Creator God – incarnate in Precious Perfect Manhood.  There is no one like You, Who is eternal before time was created. There is no-one like Him, Who stooped so low as to love even me.

The God-Man

THE – the definite article, that identifies the One and only One. LORD – He Who is master, sovereign God, and king. JESUS – the Name that is above every name and sweet music to the sinner’s ear. CHRIST – the anointed of God entrusted with the world’s greatest Mission. Christ is not a title of His essential divinity – though He is very God of very God. Christ is the unique office He holds.. anointed of God before the world began. Many ‘antichrists’ have come John warned – counterfeits seeing to usurp His role. Lucifer, the anointed cherub, being the first to seek to substitute his divine Creator.

His Love

This same Lord Jesus Christ sought me out,  because He loves me so dearly. He sees my ugliness and yet He calls me Beloved! He understands my faults and failings and yet He has chosen me to be His bride! He knows my heritage.. the grossness of my birth, yet pursues me with tender love. He reassures my fainting heart, by reminding me, “My delight is in you..” Psalm 119:70This One that loves me so dearly – and you too. He is The Lord Jesus Christ. This Lord Jesus Christ is the very image of the invisible, indivisible God. This Lord Jesus Christ is the effulgence of God’s glory and grace and love.

Greatest Mystery

This same Lord Jesus Christ searched me out to bestow on me the unimaginable. He lifted me up, out of the miry clay and seated me with Himself in the heavenlies. Though remote from my understanding and beyond my comprehension. He chose me before the world was created, to share His divine glory with me. Mystery of mysteries. How could it be that God’s own Son should care for me? “Father” He prayed, “glorify Thy Son” and continued… “Glorify me with your own self, with the glory I had with You before the world was”. John 17:5  And then, then-astonishingly, He chose me to become bone of His bone : flesh of His flesh.

Intimate Fellowship

I was not just selected to be His friend, not just to be a fellow worker. He did not just choose me to be a work partner in some divine business – staggering and privileged though such a position would be. He desired intimate fellowship with me, a cherished bosom closeness with Himself. “Joined to the Lord… one spirit.” 1 Cor.6:17.  To achieve this the Lord Jesus Christ was sent, Who was the effulgence of God’s glory. Hebrews 1:3. This Man that is the very image and likeness of the invisible, indivisible God – this Lord Jesus Christ, Who chose to share His glory with the likes of me… was mocked and jeered at, spat upon and despised – all to meet my terrible sin – all for Love of me and all for Love of you too.

Condescending Love

Herein lies the infinitude of God’s condescending love towards me. Herein lies the inexplicability of God’s gracious love towards you too – in that while we were yet sinners… while we were dead in trespasses and sins,   Christ died for you… (and me to) so that we could be one with Him.Romans 5:8. Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus. Let this mind of Christ be in me as well. Philippians 2:5

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