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Seduction of Christianity

The seduction of western Christianity has all but reached its fullness. Many and various erroneous teachings are flooding the church as a witness to its apostasy. Libraries of books have been written, selling their particular brand of unscriptural teachings. Many programmes have been designed to tempt seekers into their clutches. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, writes the Lord through Hosea, as ear tickling teachers sweep their unsuspecting victims into their clutches.

Evaluation of Christianity

Some years ago I spent weeks evaluating one such highly popular religious book, as Christians throughout the world rushed headlong to discover their life’s ‘Purpose.’ I concluded, along with other biblically sound witnesses, its unscriptural inconsistencies. I discovered false teaching – overflowing with atheistic authors and new age teachings. I recognised many cultish, humanistic proclamations, which replaced sound scriptural doctrine. I found a false creed, peppered with comforting platitudes, but antithetical to the Word of truth, and yet this teaching has become a more popular source of “spiritual growth” than the Word it proclaims – and it is in error.

Tears Among Wheat

The seduction of western Christianity has all but reached its fullness, as sheep of His flock feed on the bitter bread and toxic manna of its leavened meal. Christ’s kingdom parables outline in great detail the final condition of His church in Matthew chapter 13 – covering the time when the enemy started to sow tares into the wheat…up to today.. a time during which a little leaven was mixed into the 3 measures of God’s good meal.

Meat of the Word

Indeed, there is today a famine for the ‘hearing’ of the meat of the Word of God.. as hungry sheep rush to and fro feasting on much that is harmful to their souls – desiring to know God’s purpose for their lives, while imbibing the doctrines of man. What is God’s will and purpose for the lives of all His disciples? God’s will is clearly stated in Scripture: This is the will (the purpose) of God, even your sanctification 1Thes.4.3 This is the will, of God concerning you that in everything give thanks 1Thes.5:18. This is the purpose of God …that they might know Thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, Whom He sent. John 17:3

God’s Purpose For Man

God’s Purpose for us does not have to be extracted from a 12-step programme. God’s Word is the true source of knowledge in understanding His purpose and will. Trace the truth of God’s purpose from before the foundation of the world. Explore the meaning of life from the pages of Scripture – starting with Genesis. God said.. let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness. In the image of God He created him; male and female He created them – and let them have dominion over all the earth… Genesis 1:26

God’s Purpose Thwarted

As head of a pure race, Adam was endowed with personality, emotion, intellect, and will. He was equipped with attributes – needful for personal communion with God. And though man failed.. God’s purpose, plan and will remain intact. The God-centred man became a Self-centred man, and his progeny from then on were born ungodly and selfish – born in the image of Adam.. dead in trespasses and sins.

God’s Unchanging Purpose

But God… had a plan and a purpose and a will for this fallen race. A plan and a purpose set out in the oracles of God. A plan and a purpose delivered through the prophets of God. A plan and a purpose exulting the Son of God. A purpose that continues to work toward its culminating climatic conclusion. And He picked us up out of the miry clay and from the depth of our sinful depravity – and placed our feet on the Rock of our Salvation, Who is Christ. And God uses all things to work together for our benefit and for His glory. God uses everything to work toward fulfilling His plan and purpose. And despite the mess, we make of our lives, as did the first Adam, God’s original purpose will be completed in Christ Jesus, Who is the second Adam. It is finished

God’s Purpose For Us

 Telestai: Christ shouted in victory form the cross, and yet it is to be finished – for He must reign, ‘till he hath put all enemies under his feet. 1Cor.15:25 Praise God for the paradoxes of Scripture, for we see through a glass darkly. Praise the Lord of Heaven and earth, that His ways and purposes are not ours. His purpose in life will be carried out in the life of a believer – by faith. His plan for each life will take time.. an entire life-journey to complete. His promises are altogether sure and without repentance.. for you are accepted. His plan, purpose and will for your life is that Christ is formed in you – that we are conformed into the image and likeness of Jesus, Rom.8:29

God’s Purpose In Christ

There is no 12-step program that can effect this transformation – only a life of humility, submitted to the leading of the Holy Spirit.. a life that can finally say in thought, word, deed, and motive.. it is not I that lives in me, but Christ. Gal.2:20. This is my commandment, that you love… John.14:34. Love one another as I have loved you. This is Christ’s impossible command – yet this impossible love is possible, but only as we submit all to Him.

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