Total Salvation 

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,
Ephesians 2:8

Two Perspectives

From one point of view, salvation is so simple that a little child can understand. From another perspective salvation is deeply profound and taxes comprehension. Paul summed up the bottom-line truth of salvation in a few simple words in Acts: "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved".  Acts 16:31

Simple Yet Profound

All it takes to be saved eternally is to believe on the Lord Jesus – period. Yet for centuries, some of the cleverest minds have wrestled to define its meaning. In one sense, we need only to understand the basic gospel to trust in Jesus as Saviour. In another, the more familiar we become with it, the richer we become spiritually – the more we understand the riches of salvation, the greater our awe and wonder.

All-Embracing Word

The word ‘salvation’ is one all-embracing word that unites a variety of concepts; redemption; rebirth; justification; security; sanctification; growth; maturity; foreknowledge; election; predestination; righteousness; glorification; grace; reconciliation; new-life-in-Christ; new creation; adoption; saved by grace; born-from-above; baptised into Christ; accepted-in Him; citizens of heaven - and more.

Multihued Rainbow

The single jewel of Salvation has many faces – each a gemstone in its own right. It is a multi-hued rainbow, with each individual strand tinting and enhancing the rest. Individually, each aspect of salvation embraces its own particular message of truth. Together they sing a symphony of salvation, in praise of the riches of God’s grace.

Brands of Glory

Each aspect of salvation has its own particular brand of glory and magnificence, and each needs to be studied and understood for the riches and truth it contains. Yet together they combine to demonstrate the enormity of God’s grace towards us.

Detail of Truth

Each facet opens up one aspect of God’s grace.. unveiling its own particular beauty. Each reveals its own detail of truth.. which compliments and enhances the whole. Together each component of salvation starts to unfold the fullness of God’s plan.


Salvation is often misunderstood, causing many to be left bewildered or bemused. Salvation can also be distorted by untaught teachers or wolves in sheep’s clothing. Attending a denominational church can distort one's understanding of salvation. Seminaries students often graduate with conflicting interpretations of salvation.

Facets of Salvation

The crux of the matter is that every aspect of salvation is dependent on God’s grace. Some limit God’s grace to the simple act of being saved – when it underpins ALL. All facets of Salvation are by the power of God and because of the grace of God.  All God does in redemption, rebirth, justification; and sanctification is by grace. All His foreknowledge; election; predestination sealing and adoption is of grace.

All By Grace

All the security, growth, maturity, righteousness, and glorification is by grace. Our new-life-in-Him, our acceptance-in Christ. and heavenly citizenship is grace. The works we do and the fruit we produce as well as the gifts we receive are all by grace. And our final glorification; reward in heaven and heir-ship with Christ is God’s grace.

All Of God

This concept is often rejected by many, as it conflicts with much teaching today, but the truth of the matter is that man can contribute NOTHING to salvation. Man cannot add to any facet of salvation, because it is all by God’s gracious power. Man is not able to contribute a thread or shoe-latchet to the riches of His salvation. The word ‘salvation’ is an all-embracing word that touches a variety of concepts.

All God’s Work

How sad that so many believers strive in their own strength to live a godly life, when all that is needed is to yield to the power of God working within them. But the truth is that salvation from the penalty and power of sin is ALL God’s work.

Not Man’s Merit

Redeeming, reconciliation, sanctification, and maturing in the faith is ALL by grace. Acceptance by God, eternal life, and glorification have nothing to do with our merit. All merit belongs to God, and man cannot contribute ANYTHING to salvation. WH?  Because God designed it that way and God wants it that way. Indeed, God will not accept any aspect of Salvation any other way than by GRACE.

God’s Divine Power

The fact is that Salvation depends on God’s divine standard and His divine power. All aspects of salvation require something more than our inept, human resources. God’s divine power working within us alone can produce the divine life required.

God’s Standard

The saving of believers is all by grace and requires complete dependence on Christ. The sanctifying, maturing life can only be lived effectively when dependent upon Him.  But too often instead of yielding to the power of God, we strive in our own strength. Too often we seek to live up to His standard and do good works in our own strength.

Simple Salvation

Salvation is so simple that a little child can understand. How sad that so many complicate it by making it our work and not Christ’s work; by living in our strength and not His strength; by living our way and not His.

Grace Alone By Faith

Better to swallow our pride and revisit Scripture, and find out God’s perfect plan.. for every facet of salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. Each aspect of salvation embraces its own particular message of biblical truth - but from start to finish Salvation is God working in us – and it is all His grace.

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