Vessel of God (JOB-study 18) 

A Full Study Of JOB

Inspired Poetry

The book of Job was inspirited of the Holy Spirit, to be written in poetry. Its poetic form, metric exactness, and lyrical lilt intensify its depth of meaning. In this book, Job’s innermost being.. to the deepest recesses of his soul, is reached. It reveals his intimate, heart-throbbings – the deepest yearnings in Job’s breast. It is also a very precious picture of God’s deep love for His bond-servant.

Trusted Servant

Remember – when God begins his dealings with Job, he is not immature. Job is an experienced man; a businessman; a successful man; a responsible man. Job has ten grown-up children and has become a man of preeminence in his society. Job is well-respected with a wide circle of friends and he has a heart for others. Job is also a man of exemplary faith.. a long-time believer in God - an intercessor. Job is called 'My servant’'– 'My bond- slave' – a man trusted and beloved of God. Job has freely chosen to serve the Lord and to disregard his own interests for God. Job is freely bound to the Lord.. with a deep love, trust, and devotion towards Him.

Faithful Servant

But whatever his depth and level of understanding, God has greater plans for Job, just as God has greater plans for all the faithful – in every age and every generation. For it is through these trusted, faithful ones, that God’s plans are being carried out... fought out in the unseen heavenly battle, that has been raging since man’s fall. But like Job, each servant has to be brought to the very extremity of themselves, where hearts and lives are broken, and God slowly unfolds a deeper understanding.

Chosen Vessels

God desires that like Job, the few that are steadfast in each generation become His vessels.. His precious, chosen vessels. Vessels of eternal intercession; purged vessels; purified vessels. Vessels of eternal praise; chastened vessels; cleaned vessels. Vessels through whom He pours His love; refined vessels; responsible vessels.

Remnant of God

God desires a small remnant through whom He can have an unhindered flow.. where His love and blessings can stream unimpeded to the hearts of others... while through intercession and prayer, He unlocks His eternal plans and purposes. But God knows the cost for each 'vessel' is high, and only a few respond to His call. Many are called, but few – very few become His chosen vessels. And the life of Job is but an example of the cost to you, should you choose to accept His call – but the choice is yours.

Purified of God

For each chosen vessel can only be purified through the way of the Cross... death to self, with nothing but the love of God flowing out to others. Esther was one such vessel, and she accepted the challenge... but another would have been raised in her place had she chosen to refuse. And Noah and Daniel and Job were chosen vessels.. but all had to be emptied of self for His greater purpose. Each is an example of a vessel... patiently refined over multiple life-spans – only reaching His fullness after a life-time of devoted service.

Surrendered Heart

Yes, God only desires and uses a totally surrendered heart. He desires and can use a heart that is utterly surrendered to Him. He desires and can use a heart that is totally emptied of self. Can you accept this invitation, which He makes to each of his blood-bought men and women.. to be one through whom His love will flow unimpeded, into the lives of others – or will you go away sorrowful because your 'self' is of greater import to you?

Love of God

Love through me, Love of God
Make me like Thy clear air
That Thou dost pour Thy colours through,
As though I were not there.

Think through me,
Thoughts of God,
That always,
The stream that through my being flows
May homeward pass
In prayer.

   picture courtesy of Larisa

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