Where Are You? 

I will make them and the places all around My hill a blessing; and I will cause showers to come down in their season. There shall be showers of blessing.
Ezekiel 34:26

He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.
John 7:38

Past and Future

Where are you? Where are you today? Are you looking back into the past, with regrets of what could have been – or might have been? Are you looking forward into the future, with dreams of what you hope will be – or what you long to be? Both past and future have their place.. but where are you today? Where are you now? Fretting over closed doors is foolishness and can rob you of today’s calling. Hankering for some future daydream is imprudent – as you can miss His best.

Lessons to Learn

Learn the lesson the Lord has to teach you, in your past joys and foolish mistakes, and don’t be tempted to crave some pot of gold, at the end of some future rainbow – and all memories of the past and hope for the future will be beautified for your benefit. View past and future through His healing, health-giving tempering lens – and you will find strength for your soul and contentment in your heart. Don’t plan the way ahead yourself.. He will unfold every step you take. He has told us, I will guide you with My eye – and you will hear a voice saying “This is the way..” Isa.30:21.

Daily Provision

He provides you ample manna for your needs today.. and it is enough. He opens the cloudy skies, providing sufficient for you to take today’s step. He instructs the ravens to fly to you with enough sustenance for one day's strength. He showers drops of dew on your brow to nourish and refresh – one day at a time. So where are you? Where are you today?

Salt and Light

Today He calls you to be His manna and His dew. Today He desires you to be His salt and His light – to others… Today He wants you to be His hands and His feet, His eyes and His heart – ’til it is not you that lives, but Christ living in and through you. Today He desires that you will be His channel of blessing to others… a channel through whom His Spirit may flow, to others – until Christ be seen in and through you, to His praise and His glory.

Future Perspective

And as He pours His love and hope and blessing and joy through you, to others.. He will in His grace and mercy, wash away the bitterness of your past. And He will in His kindness and favour place the future into blessed perspective – as you press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God – in Christ Jesus.

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