All Sufficient Grace 

And God IS able to make all Grace abound towards you; that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.
2 Corinthians 9:8

GRACE – which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.
2Timothy 1:9

The Question Why?

Do we at times question why the Lord seems to contend; to strive against us? –  to struggle against us, as we agonisingly inquire as did Job?  Show me why you contend with me,  Job 10:2  But what of the graces that would never bloom, except in the dark night of adversity? What of the faith that would remain fallow, but for the deep, chill of life’s bitterest waters?

The Question How?

Did you not cry out to Him:- 'Give me grace?' Did you never seek Him for a deeper faith?  If this is what you truly desire, should you not consider how the jewels of grace are cut and polished? Should you not contemplate how the gold of faith is refined and purified?

His Refining Fire

Are these nothing but unconscious cries, to be tried in His refining fire..?  An inner longing to be honed to His perfection, under the great Craftsman’s ‘tool’?  Is not GRACE discovered through the crushings of life’s journey? Is not FAITH exercised as the storms of life assault our very foundations? Does not Faith flourish and Grace grow, through the Master’s sanctifying trials?

Growing Grace – Flourishing Faith

Grace when the sun is shining Lord,
Grace when the sky is black.
Grace when I get the unkind word,
Grace then to answer back,
Grace when I’m pushed into a nook,
Grace when I get my turn.
Grace when the dinner will not cook,
Grace when I let it burn.

Grace when my duties all go wrong,
Grace when they seem alright.
Grace when it’s praise and grace through song,
Grace when I have to fight.
Grace when my dress is fresh and new,
Grace when it’s worn and old.
Grace when my purse is empty too,
Grace if it’s full of gold!

Grace when the saved ones don’t act saved-
And lay the blame on me.
Grace when the grace I’ve asked and craved
Seems not to come from Thee.
Grace thru the darkest hours – so long,
Grace when the morn is nigh.
Grace when I’m healthy, well and strong,
Grace when I come to die.

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