Be Still My Soul 

a strong wind and after? ……
an earthquake and after?…….
a fire and after? ……..
a still small voice.
1Kings 19:12

Be still, and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10


Be still and wait. Wonders of immense proportion are secretly unfolding. Tremble with awe and wait.  No man can stand on the threshold of eternity unshaken. First, I give you eternal life. A free gift and a wondrous gift of life for the ages to come. Silently comes the kingdom into the heart of a man, and who can judge the heart of a man and witness the new birth save the Lord alone?  But the results of that silent birth should by degrees be visible, "until Christ be formed in you".  And then cultivate silence for God often speaks in silences.

God’s Voice

Listen in the stillness of a soft wind of the Spirit’s breath. Hearken to the quiet whisper of His still small voice and cover your face with a mantle as you stand naked before the penetrating gaze of the almighty God, Who commands you to be holy for I am holy.

Be Not Do

Do not be ready to do.. just be ready to be. It is "be" ye perfect…… not do perfect things. It is "be" holy….. for I am holy. Individual efforts avail nothing. It is only by means of the Holy Spirit at work in my submitted soul that counts.

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