An Intimate Silence 

In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.
Isaiah 30:15

He will be SILENT in His love.
Zephaniah 3:17

Quiet Confidence

God will do wondrous things if we learn the mystery of His silences.. and praise Him every time He withdraws His gifts, that we may better know the Giver. There are many times when God reveals nothing; when God commands nothing; when God gives no guidance; when God just does not seem to be there.

Trust His Love

And yet there is no clearer path and no more important task than to grow – to grow day by day and moment by moment; to grow into a deeper knowledge of the Lord; to gain a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Beloved. "that I may know Christ…"

Sometimes, God may ask us to sit silently before Him, just to learn of Him. To ask no questions; to seek no answers; to learn of Him. Not just to learn about Him or His plans – to learn of Him.

Rest In Him

Sometimes. He may speak no word that could be written down or examined. His Heart.. touching your heart. Zephaniah tells us: "He will be silent in His love".  Spirit to spirit communion; "yet He answered her not a word…"   But as we rest in His love; as we sit silently before Him and worship at His feet, He will bring that comfort and peace that only springs from resting in Him.

Rest Of Silence

Oh, what a joy it is when earthly friends whose sensitivity towards each other, and love for each other can just sit in silence and wait in perfect understanding – just resting in the presence of the other.  How much more should it be when the Lord Himself should so desire that we prove our love and friendship to Him, by asking us to wait.  To wait for Him in secret silence.  And in so doing, assuring Him that our love for Him is constant, and our faith in Him can stand the test of His silence,

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