Christ’s Comforting Words 


I am meek and lowly of heart
I bought you.
I paid for you.

You are Mine.
You will grow more like Me, your Master and Lord..
– through cooperation with me or chastisement from me.

But, are you really willing to eat from My dish ?
Are you really ready to drink of the cup of bitterness that I drank ?
Are you really prepared to walk the way of suffering and death that I walked ?

As with Moses, so with you My child.
No man can see My face and live.

For your-self must die in My presence,
The original ‘OLD’ creation’ must shrivel away in My company.

The ‘NEW’ life must grow and mature,
Growing and maturing is painful,
Growing and maturing is a lifelong agony,
Growing and maturing means moulding and conforming,

Moulding means cutting, chiselling carving,
Conforming means refining, purifying perfecting.

It means sacrifice of the person to conform to the Type.
It means sacrifice of self to conform to Christ’s likeness

This is not My labour alone, but yours
This is a work that requires cooperation..
– yours and Mine.

I will complete the work – but you must permit ME to do it, in you,
It is the recognition of the selfish ‘you’ in your desires…
– your actions
– your words
– your thoughts
– your hopes
– your motives
– your attitudes
– your-SELF

It is a work that requires cooperation..
– Mine and yours

It is a work that brings a deep sense of failure..
– disappointment and sorrow
– embarrassment and shame
– persecution and pain
– deprivation and loss.

It is a work that causes dismay..
– for as it proceeds, the more you realise has to be done.
Shortcomings that you once scarcely recognised..
– now cause trouble and dismay.

Courage – to face your-self is a sign of progress.

Patience – not only with others…
– but patience even with yourself, is advancement.

Humility of heart.
Humility – the most difficult to acquire..
– yet humility is the characteristic I so desire in all My children.
For I AM humble of heart and I AM lowly of spirit.

You will see progress,
Slow progress, upward progress,
– but you will see progress.
And so onward and upward and forward – you and I together.

Remember, I AM with you – even to the end of the age.
I will uphold you – with My righteous right hand.
I, your Lord and Master
– I am with you,
– I am beside you,
– I dwell within your heart.

Remember, I AM your Captain,
I AM your Helper,
I AM meek and lowly of heart,
– and you will find rest for your soul, in Me.

Oh yes My beloved child – we cooperate….
And remember the good work I started in you? – I will complete it…

As I share your troubles..
– your failures
– your difficulties
– your disappointments
– your heartaches
– your pain…

You will share in My Humility
– My patience
– My courage
– My strength
– My hope
– My joy
– My love

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