Complete surrender,
Surrendered absolutely.
– not in your strength but in His.

Absolute yielding,
Yielded completely.
– remember “It is God that worketh in us….”

Full submission,
Entirely devoted.
– not for your glory, but for His.

Humble obedience,
Obedient humility.
- both to will and to do of His good pleasure”

This is the foundation of happiness,
This is the superstructure of joy.

This is the bedrock of blessedness,
This is the core of communion with Him.

Complete surrender – surrendered absolutely.
Absolute yielding – yielded completely.
Full submission – entirely devoted.
Humble obedience – obedient humility.

Only the one that lays down ALL ego, ALL self, ALL of the flesh
Will receive the fullness of Who He really is

But it requires:-
– absolute surrender;
– complete yielding;
– full submission;
– entire devoted;
– humble obedience.

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