God, My Way (Study In God - All I Need-18) 

Study - GOD, All I Need

Lead me LORD, lead me in Thy righteousness.. make Thy way straight before my face.
Psalm 5:8

Jesus said I Am the way..
John 14:6

The Right Way

We are all pilgrims on a journey – a journey across the wilderness of life. If I am to be successful in my pilgrimage, I must be on the right track. If I am to successfully complete my passage through life, I must walk the right way. The way is not smooth – indeed there are many sharp stones that tear at my feet. There are many circumstances that rip me apart and tear and cut and bruise me, but Thy word is a lamp to my feet.. and a light to my pathway. Psalm 119:105

The Narrow Way

It is to the Christian and not the unbelieving man that Christ told us that the way is straight and the way is narrow, and few there are that find it – for once born from above, the believer has two choices. They can walk the broad way or they can choose the narrow way. Many Christians choose the wider path through life, where self is the focus, for if you seek to save your life, (and note, that the word life in the Greek is the same word as soul).. you will lose your life (you will lose your soul) Luke.17:33  Should a believer choose the broad way, he would be eternally saved, for eternal salvation is the free gift of grace to all who trust in Jesus as Saviour… eternally saved but choosing to live your own self-life and not His Christ-life. You would receive the unconditional gift of eternal life that is given to all believers – and yet like Esau, you would be despising your inheritance.

Way of the Cross

There are a few who seek to follow Christ in the way of the Cross, where Christ remains their first love and remains as the focus of their heart, for as Jesus said, if you lose your life (your soul) for My sake, you will find it… for many are called but few are chosen, and I have chosen you. If I sincerely and earnestly progress along the path of Christ… the way of the Cross, my experience in life will be patterned after His life and my earthy walk will reflect His earthly walk, and I shall discover that as I try to spend my life for others, I shall not be able to spare myself. I shall discover that as I travel along the path of His calling, all distractions must yield to Him, and that like Him, I must steadfastly set my face as a flint, toward the goal of my calling.

Way of Christ

All the superfluous necessities that flood my life need to be hammered out. All the encumbrances of the binding grave-clothes that hinder my spiritual progress, must be stripped away. All the urgent needs that demand such a high priority on my time must give way to that which is important. For the life that follows the path that Jesus walked – for the need is not the call, and the urgent is not the important – If I am to follow the path that Christ trod before me – then I must follow the way of the Cross.

The One Way

Many and varied were the things that Christ could have achieved in His walk. Good things... great things, had His choice been more humanly orientated – but He chose to do the will of the Father in all things. He chose to meet the challenges of Calvary head-on. He was straightened and paired until all things were achieved. His was truly a narrow way. His was truly the only way. That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, by being like Him in His death.

The Only Way

His way was certainly the Father’s way, and His way must be our way. But the way of Christ… the way of the Cross, must not only BE our way, for He IS the way, and He is the one and only way. Any other route we travel through life that is not totally centred on Him is the wrong way… and we will discover that any other way will always be a dangerous way.

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