God, My Patience (Study In God - All I Need-17) 

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Study - GOD, All I Need

Rest in the Lord and wait PATIENTLY for Him.
Psalm 37:7

Challenges of Life

What is the greatest challenge in life – to run a marathon.. to fly to the moon.. maybe to sail single-handedly around the world, in a yacht… or pilot a balloon! Perchance become the Prime Minister of Great Britain or even the President of the United States! Perhaps the most challenging of all lessons to learn is patience – it is for me. Probably the greatest of achievements in life is to be clothed with patience. The youngest Prime Minister of Great Britain retired at the age of 34 – but patience, is a grace that only develops through the gruelling school of life – and it’s only perfected as I become increasingly transformed into HIS likeness.

Biblical Examples

Abraham the father of faith, at 75 waited 15 more long years to receive his promised son. Hannah endured ridicule and deep anguish, until broken, on her face before her God. And what patience Paul had to develop, as he waited years to be called into service. So how do you develop this rare and precious fruit, bestowed by the Spirit of God? How can you develop this priceless, inner, gentle, calm serenity in all things? "Oh Lord", we cry – "develop in me that blessed fruit of patience… - Oh, Father, that in all things I may be clothed with this rare robe of righteousness".

Praying For Patience

Be careful Beloved, For God will answer such pleadings. He will answer such pleas from all who desire to perfect this grace in themselves – and He knows just what to do. Time and faith are the main contributors to the development of patient endurance. Trusting God in every, and all life’s circumstances.. regardless of conflicting logic. For the trying of your faith works to develop patience… James.1:3. "Ahh what a secret to learn", you say "now I know the answer – now I can achieve my objective!!" Ahh, but He will bring into your lives the people and the situations that start the process – and blow by painful blow they will be used to remove every semblance of self.

Developing Patience

You long for fish, and He gives you a stone. You seek for fulfilment, and He replaces it with failure. You pray for blessing, and He sends you disaster. You desire strength, but He sends you weakness. You seek the Lord with all your heart, but He sends you clouds of unknowing. You ache to hear His voice, and the noise of the silence is deafening. He makes you a promise, and then you have to wait and wait and wait and wait. He capsizes all the circumstances of life, and turns them into disasters. He places precious people in your path, then uses them as a hammering anvil – and blow on blow He removes all the things upon which you depend – and one by one He unfastens all attachments and expects implicit trust.

Pain and Pressure

Problems and burdens are not sent for us to yield to. Pains and pressure are not pressed on us to retreat from. Each trial is a test you are sent, which is given as a challenge to overcome and each challenge overcome is replaced by an even greater demand… and the only choice is advance or retreat. The only option is to overcome or to be overcome, there is no other choice.

Perfect Work

You prayed for patience? let patience have her perfect work. That you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. James 1:4  Now may the God of PATIENCE and comfort grant you to be patient toward one another, according to Christ Jesus. Amen

I will be PATIENT, Lord
Trustful and still
I will not doubt Thy Word
My hope fulfil
How can I perish, clinging to Thy side?
My Comforter, my Saviour my Guide – and my Patience

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