God’s Divine Transcendence - Character and Attributes of God (3) 

STUDY - Character and Attributes of GOD 

Praise of God

Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens: and thy glory above all the earth…  so go the jubilant words of the Psalmist, while Isaiah tells us that God is high and lifted up on His throne,  and His train FILLS the Temple. God is so far above the creation that He built – that minds cannot imagine it. God is so supremely transcendent – that human thought cannot comprehend it.

Limitation of Man

Men cannot begin to understand this invisible God Who is Spirit and Truth.. yet man seeks to translate His understanding of God into concrete terms. Man dwells within the limitation of time and space and matter..  yet tries to express in words this high and lofty One Who inhabits eternity.

Superlative Attributes

Words transliterate the vastness of God into a multitude of superlatives. He is Divine – Incomprehensible – Eternal – Immutable… Omnipotent… Transcendent. His Grandeur is Unlimited. His Power is Unsurpassed. His Love is Untranslatable. No wonder as the psalmist lifted up His eyes to the magnificent towering hills, and reverently and exuberantly shouted: my help comes from the transcendent God. (the LORD)

Honour and Awe

One by one those beloved and delighted in by God, fell at His feet in honour and awe. Abraham bowed low and stretched himself to the ground before the Lord. Isaiah was deeply undone for he had unclean lips, living in an unclean world. Daniel, with his face to the ground in reverence and awe lost his physical strength. Proud Paul fell to the ground trembling and was brought to the brink of humility. The beloved John beholding the Alpha and the Omega – fell at His feet as if dead.

Humiliation and Death

This same eternal, transcendent God removed every trace of glory to die for me. He removed all His Godhood to suffer outrageous humiliation, rejection and death, so that weak, foolish, sinful man could be lifted up to sit in exulted heavenly places.

Great Exchange

We Christians have put faith in this amazing, transcendent Lord God Almighty. We who are His body took God at His Word and believed in the Lord Christ Jesus. We therefore exchanged our position in dust and ashes to be elevated as His bride.

Lack of Reverence

Yet sometimes I think that our familiarity with God breeds contempt of Him. Sometimes I am bemused by the lack of reverence and ingratitude towards Him. Sometimes I tremble at the irreverent way that this great God is spoken of today.. as lack of faith in His Word appears to have become quite the thing these days.

Increased Disrespect

Yes – there’s lack of reverence today – “God All- Matey” has become the norm, and disrespect towards His pre-ordained plan, purposes and will increases. He is blasphemed or blamed, dishonoured or demeaned by sinner and saint alike. And accusations fingers points at God for promises they perceive as unfulfilled.. while refusing to comply with God’s outlined plan of righteousness

Everlasting Mercy

BUT He is still Divine. He is still incomprehensible; eternal; immutable; omnipotent; transcendent. His grandeur is still unlimited. His power is still unsurpassed. His love is still untranslatable – and thank God that His grace and mercy is STILL everlasting.

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