He Is Jesus 

Ultimate Topic

If you were asked to talk about anything at all… what would you choose. All I can think of to talk about is Jesus. I wonder.. have you truly considered…. Jesus? How wonderful to lift up the lovely name of Lord Jesus, our Saviour.. for He is the centre and circumference – the beginning and the end of everything. He is the Rose of Sharon and the lover of my soul. He is altogether LOVELY.

Heritage of Jesus

He is Jesus. Jesus. JESUS. the substance of the Father. Jesus, begotten before the worlds. Jesus, the substance of the mother. Jesus, born into the world. Jesus, perfect God and perfect Man. Jesus, Son of God and son of Mary. Jesus, the name above all other names.

Person of Jesus

How can we ever describe Him? My Jesus, My Saviour, My God, My King, My Lord, My Life, My Way, My End, My dearly Beloved, My Joy, My Hope, My Delight, My Peace, My Shepherd, My Provider, My Redeemer, My Rock, My Strength, My Stay, My All. My Wisdom, My Resurrection, My First Love and My Last Love, My Own precious Brother and My soon returning Bridegroom. Beloved saint, can you thus describe Him in these glorious and intimate terms? Is He the love of your life and the joy of your heart? Do you know Him, really, really, really know Him?

Names of Jesus

Jesus, “His name will be called Wonderful.”  Jesus, “His name will be called Counselour.”  Jesus, “His name will be called Mighty God.”  Jesus, “His name will be called Everlasting Father.”  Jesus, “His name will be called Prince of Peace.”  Jesus, The Anointed One – God Incarnate.  Jesus, Love, made flesh and tabernacling with man.

Supremacy of Jesus

He is altogether lovely He is the Rose of Sharon and the lover of my soul. Oh that men would praise the name of the Lord, for His name alone is exalted. His glory is above the earth and heaven. Oh to know Him better.  To draw closer and closer to His sweet person. To become increasingly and more intimately acquainted with Him. To rest more deeply In His gentle Love.  To abide more faithfully In His glorious Presence. To relax more intimately In His gracious Person. To sit more devotedly at His precious Feet.

Singular Subject

To know Him and to love Him. To know Him more, to love Him more. To go deeper and deeper into a knowing of the One that is called Jesus. If you were asked to talk about anything at all… I wonder, what would you choose?

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