Hear My Prayer 

Now therefore, O our God, hear the prayer of Thy servant
Daniel 9:17

Man’s Heart Cry

How often we fall to our knees with little more than a sigh or an upward glance. How frequently we raise our eyes up to the heavens, while our hearts are grieving. How many times do we try to pray, but the words, at times, freeze on our lips. The inner cries of our hearts are ofttimes secreted behind closed doors of prepense. At times, the inward heart is bleeding while the outward countenance is smiling – but the cry of the human soul to the Lord is never unheeded. The call from the grieving heart to the Lord, is never is left unanswered.

God’s Open Ear

God’s ear is ever open to your cry and His eye is ever attentive towards your needs.. though through many long nights and years we deem it thus, not to be. He heard the feeble cries of your infancy as well as those of your youth. He knew the tears that you would weep in your distresses as well as your tears of joy. He knows the pain that your heart is experiencing at this very moment, and He ever knows what troubles and anguishes, are yet to fall upon your shoulders.

God Knows All

He understands that tears have been your "meat day and night". He knows you are weary with your nightly groaning and daily pain. He cares that your couch is wet with your tears, and He takes and counts – and cares about your every tear. He keeps your tears in a bottle for His remembrance, and He includes every heart-groan and dry tear that fails to wet the lashes. He cares so deeply for each teardrop that has been shed. He has compassion for every pain that rips the heart apart – for He knows the end from the beginning, and He knows that: they that sow in tears shall reap in joy. Psalm 126:5

God Dear Response

But just as Scripture is designed as one most glorious whole, so too the human cry, and so too the God-response. Like the many parts of an intricate machine or an electronic contrivance... where all unite to work in perfect harmony.. and cogs and wheels whirr and intercept in beautiful symmetry – so too your pleading cries to the Lord, and so too His dear response to you, for you are His beloved child and He loves you with an undying love.

Man’s Simple Plea

Ahh but man takes each call, each prayer, each request as an individual plea, "Father help me in this straight away”, and “Lord I need your comfort in that, now.” Man separates each prayer and petition as one single application. "Fulfil now Oh Lord the desires and the petitions of your servant. Do it now we plead”… "Explain yourself God”, we cry… “I know what I need, for I have long asked and feel that I shall faint from fear of lingering longer for You”. “Do it now”, we plead… "explain yourself God”, we cry… "I know what I need”.

God’s Exquisite Answer

Man offers his petitions, expecting them to be heard or ignored as God so chooses, never realising that the response and the wonderful reply was waiting all the time. Whether or not you believe it, God has said: before they call, I will answer and while they are yet speaking, I will hear, and Who is God that He should lie? Num.23:19. God interweaves all your pleas and prayers, past present and future together. He intertwines all your petitions and tears into one most exquisite tapestry – an exquisite tapestry that will have eternal consequences.

God’s Wider Purpose

God takes and God works them all together for your good – as may be most beneficial for you in the eternal realm, and for His eternal glory. Sometimes prayers appear to be answered before they have dropped from our lips. Other times one lifelong special petition seems to indicate silence from above, and there are also seasons when heaven itself seems to be an iron gate.

God Hears and Cares

As I get up every morning and write these daily devotionals, it is because I believe that His Word is true, even when everything in life seems to scream the opposite. Take heart, and renew your resolve. God does answer prayer. He does hear, and He does care.. and He knows.. and not one prayer you’ve uttered will return to you unanswered – but will be answered in His way, and His time – and to fulfil His best purpose for your best purpose.

God Understands

Remember – His life like those of His children was spent in difficulty and adversity, but He endured the cross for the joy that was to come in the morning. Whatever you think or however it seems to the contrary, He is faithful. He hears and will answer at the best way for your ultimate good. He cares and will answer at the best time for your eternal profit – and He knows and fulfils His best purpose for your very best. So just keep trusting Him. Keep looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith; Who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross.

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