I AM that I AM 

When Jesus told them, “I AM,” they backed away and fell to the ground
John 18:6

Jesus said, “I AM, and ‘you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of the Power.. and ‘coming with the clouds of heaven.
Mark 14:62

An Unveiling

The Scriptures are themselves an unveiling of God’s character and God’s purpose. As we move from Genesis to Revelation God opens more things to our understanding. God chose when to reveal, or to concealed, biblical truths, as His word unfolded. The apostle Paul was the man through whom God revealed many hidden truths.

The Mysteries

There’s the mystery of the kingdom; the mystery of the church; the mystery of Israel. There’s the mystery of Christ and the mystery of God’s will – His plans and purposes. There is the mystery of godliness; the mystery of lawlessness; the mystery of faith.. and John unfolds the mystery of the seven stars and the seven candlesticks.

Chosen Vessel

Many are revealed to our understanding by the apostle and prophet Paul. Paul was God’s chosen vessel to convey many concealed truths to the church. At God’s appointed time – through His appointed messenger these were unveiled. They are not mysterious, esoteric secrets – for a few enlightened people. They are Scriptural truths that remained undisclosed until God’s appointed time.

Mystery of Mysteries

The Scriptures not only unveil God’s plans but also His character and attributes, and yet the Mystery of mysteries, that baffles the minds of men, is God Himself. God is the self-existent One, Who alone can claim I AM that I AM. God has no origin, distinguishing Him from anything created or brought into being. How can this be... for all created things have a genesis and a genealogy?

Uniqueness of God

There is a time before time began. There is a place before space existed. There is Life before all things created were spoken into being, There is God – Who alone can claim I AM that I AM. All things that exist have a cause that antedates it... except God. Everything has a precursor from which it came.. except Deity. Everything has its cause – except God, Who is the causeless One. And this causeless Being is the uncreated God – and He Is Who He Is.

Exclusive Category

From the infant that asks, “where did God come from” to the scientists’ probing..  of necessity, both admit their own origin has its root in another. But child and philosopher alike must receive an answer that contradicts logic… that the uncreated God had no beginning, for God alone is the Self-Existent One. God is in an exclusive category that lies beyond research, reason, and understanding.

Indiscoverable Phenomenon

He is not a scientific formula to be discovered or a physical law that can be tapped. Child, and scientist alike, must accept or reject God as an indiscoverable phenomenon. The infant and likewise the philosopher has no recourse but to believe – or to reject.

Limited Understanding

This is the most difficult of all tasks, for the insatiably curious, fallen, human mind. It is an impossible burden on the one that declares 'give me proof before I’ll believe'. It is always hard for prideful man to admit there are things we don’t understand, but it needs humility of heart, founded on faith to admit that we’ll never fully understand.

Timeless, spaceless, single, lonely;
Yet sublimely Three,
Lone in grandeur,
Only; always God in Unity.

His Handiwork

Many millions continue to pass through this mortal realm with no thought of God. Few have set their hearts to steadfastly gaze unstintingly upon the Being that is God. Rather He is ignored, blasphemed, scorned, derided, mocked, defied – ridiculed. But nonetheless, we are all His handiwork. We are the work of His hand, and He alone is the solution to all our problems and all our needs.

Created Man

For some inexplicable reason, known only to God Himself – God honoured man. This self-existent God created man in His own image and likeness for fellowship. This is not a nice little fairy story, born of poetic imagery or religious desire. This is stark reality... the authenticity of which is written on the pages of Scripture.

Christian Doctrine

And Christian doctrine is based on the tenant... that God is ALL and man is nothing. And this plainly grates on the prideful nature of man, who considers that he is all! Holy epistles and gospels were all written expounding this awful yet simple truth.. that man can only function in harmony with God if God works in and through him.

Twisted Doctrine

 But Christian doctrine has been twisted in many arenas to elevate man’s supremacy. Man may accept God’s gift of salvation and may even sacrifice much for God. But man prefers to remain the crowned king on the throne of his own life. And man is rarely if ever willing to remove himself from this seat of power.

Prideful Witness

This was Christ’s condemnation of the prideful Scribes and Pharisees of His day. This was the root of the struggle in man that goes right back to the days of Cain. This is no less true of much of Christendom today, who keeps Christ outside the door. This prideful witness is evident throughout the pages of Scripture. This rebellious attitude has permeated every generation from Adam ’til now.

Condemnatory Prophecy

Jesus also voiced His own sad, condemnatory prophecy on a future generation…. "nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on earth?" Faith in the Son of Man means… faith in self must be crucified on the cross of Christ. The old Adamic self-life must die-to-self and remain in the place of death – this is an uncomfortable position indeed!

Crucified with Christ

Until such a time, our heart must remain rebellious towards the self-existent One, Who loves us so much that He gave Himself for us. Let us examine every nook and cranny of our life so that we can say with Paul:- I have been crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live - yet not I live, but Christ.  Christ lives in me”  Galatians 2:20

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