In, Of and Thru Christ 

In that day you will know that I am in My Father, you are in Me, and I am in you.
John 14:20

Paul’s Trademark

There is one phrase in the New Testament that is highly significant for all believers. It is a prepositional phrase or an expression, that deals with position, place and purpose. It is a term that that the apostle Paul has adopted as his own peculiar trademark. It is the little group of words: ‘in Christ’ : ‘in Him’ : ‘in Christ Jesus’.  And it is also found in the phrases: ‘in Whom’, ‘by Whom’ and ‘of Whom’.

Precious Phrase

For the believer, the meaning behind this phrase is perhaps one of the most precious. This little, almost insignificant term cradles in its arms a most powerful meaning. 'In Christ' indicates a close, intimate, living union with our resurrected Saviour – Jesus.  'In Christ' is a positional truth that is found in Scripture, and applies to all Christians.

Position In Christ

All believers whether old or young, male of female; Jew of gentile – all are 'n Him'.   Whatever people group; both bond or free; new or seasoned saints – all are 'in Christ'. It was Jesus Who told his disciples of the forthcoming union with Himself. His death was drawing close, and the disciples were confused; confounded; afraid. They knew that some significant event was looming, and they knew not what it was.

Union With God

The Passover supper was eaten, feet washed and Calvary’s cross loomed ever closer.  But He told them of a coming day when the Spirit would be sent to indwell them: "In that day you will know that I am in My Father, you are in Me, and I am in you". John 14:20

Old Testament Empowerment

The disciples knew of the Holy Spirit of God, Who empowered prophets and kings. They knew of the glory of the Lord, which filled the temple before its departure. But the indwelling Spirit of God within was an entirely new and puzzling concept.

God’s Spirit

In past days God’s Spirit was sent to certain individuals... to anoint and to empower, but He also withdrew when His work was completed – or due to sin. Bezaleel was divinely empowered to do artistic work in the tabernacle of God. We read in Exodus 31, "I have filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship, to design artistic work (for the tabernacle)" Exodus 31:2

New Testament  Reality

The Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul – and David earnestly prayed to the Lord. "Do not cast me from your presence and do not take Your Holy Spirit from me". Psalm 51:11 Yet the Holy Spirit is given to us as an indwelling reality – "ye in Me, and I in you". Our body is the residence of the permanently, indwelling Holy Spirit of God.

Positional Truth

Christ told us the Spirit would be sent to sent to live within all church-age believers. Christ Himself prophesied of this positional truth as a new, future, and unique event. Paul was appointed to be the apostle to declare this new and wonderful positional truth. Paul’s writings are flooded with this glorious positional truth, of our unity with Christ.

Church-Age Reality

Our personal identity in Christ, and He, in us is the most stunning church-age reality... and not one believer should be uninformed about this amazing, beautiful privilege. Sometimes we discover that things are 'through Him', 'with Him', 'of Him' or 'by Him', but our position in Christ is the most important truth Christians should understand.

Scriptural Truth

Over 160 times Paul directs and redirects our attention to this vital, positional truth, and when the Spirit of God grabs our attention so unmistakably, we should listen. This isn’t a nice little emotional feeling of inner warmth or some physical experience. This is scriptural truth. It is a fact from the word of God. This is God’s gift to us.

In Christ

As believers, we are going to spend eternity with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Let us unhesitatingly familiarise ourselves with all that it means to be "IN CHRIST".

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