Letter of Truth 

God’s Love-Letter

From start to finish Scripture is a letter of love from the Lord God to humanity. It was written in the heart of God before man was created – and given to us in love. It was dispatched from heaven by means of the beloved Lord Jesus Christ – His Word. It is God's promissory note to all who trust Him – His unbreakable, legally binding bond.

Epistle of Encouragement

It is a scroll of covenant promises from God that can never be broken or changed. It is the history of redeeming blood, poured out to cleanse fallen humanity. It is a manual of instruction and correction from God to His children. It is an epistle of encouragement and hope, from Christ to His Church. It is a letter of love from the heavenly bridegroom to His beloved bride.

An Incomparable Book

Hidden in this incomparable book of books are excellences and incomparable glory – truth, that refreshes the soul; promises, that quicken the heart; love, that explodes in hope – a blessed hope, that is as firm and secure as the throne of God in heavenly places.

A Staff to Support

Within His written Word of love and hope is all that is needed for life and health. It convicts and converts in the power of the Spirit. It gives light, to lead and to guide you on your way. It gives wisdom, to advise and to counsel you. It is a staff to support and a rod to correct. It is refreshment and nourishment for the fainting soul. It gives sufficient grace to face the problems of life. It is a sword to defend in the evil day.

A Living Example

It reveals the character of God and His perfect will for humanity. It unfolds the plan of redemption to whosoever will trust in Christ. It discloses the battle of the ages that is raging between God and Satan. It identifies faith, obedience, humility, and thankfulness as pleasing to the Father. It presents Jesus as our federal Head – the living example of all God wants us to be.

Inner Strength

His word will enrich and encourage; calm and cheer; help and heal and hold you steady. It is the bread of life to strengthen and living water to refresh - ointment to heal and oil to anoint. It enriches and cheers; delights and helps; rejoices the heart and strengthens the inner man.

Hidden Nuggets of Truth

It should be ever before our eyes and treasured deep within our hearts. It should receive speedy and serious and diligent attention, for it contains all that pertains to life. We should read the Scripture and dig deep into their pages to discover hidden nuggets of truth. We should search and study; muse and meditate; delight in the word and treasure it in our hearts. Moreover, we should have faith in His word; believe the Scriptures – trusting all that God has said.

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Never miss a post