False Assumptions 

Wrong Perceptions

Have you ever been told something and made assumptions about what was said? Have you ever been in a discussion and presumed to know what was implied? Have you ever interpreted another’s actions or thoughts without really knowing – just because you think you understand what they’re saying, meaning, or thinking? I have many times and I still make that mistake sometimes.. but I am learning!

Understanding God

Sadly, however, such wrong perceptions can often cause a rift in a friendship. Constantly misunderstanding the heart of another, can cause a relationship to die. Such false assumptions, in interpersonal relationships, can be disastrous.. but how much more so when we put our own false ‘opinions’ into the mind of God... when we erroneously think we know what God means, when we don’t – when we foolishly interpret ‘evidence’ and assume we understand His ways.

The Word of God

If God’s Word conflicts with your experience – then what should you do? If Scripture is God-breathed and His Words are true – what should you think? Do you keep trusting the Word of God because His word is true or do you make your own assumptions about Him to fit your creed?

The Character of God

What do you do if things in your life seem to conflict with all that God has promised? Do you make your own false presumptions about His gracious character? Do you throw up your hands and say His word is not in accord with my experience? Do you assume His word is false if it seems God is not caring for His children? Do you look at your life and the world situation and question what He is doing.  'I see persecutions throughout the world – can He be a God of love and care? – I am experiencing the most trying time in my life – can He really love me?'

God’s Word is True

Have you ever so questioned God in your heart like this, and made assumptions? Have you ever looked at your life and made biblically conflicting presumptions? – I have many times and I still make mistakes sometimes.. but I am learning. But this is the bottom line.. God’s Word is true and it cannot be redefined. Experiences that cause me to reconstruct God’s character, makes me the liar, not God.

Man’s Assumptions are False

Assumptions about God’s character that conflict with the word of God are false. If I have fallen into this way of thinking, it is my thinking that is at fault, not God. If the Word of God conflicts with my experience – the truth is still in His Word, and I must accept that my assumptions are false. God’s character is flawless, His attributes unchangeable, His Word is inerrant and true, for God’s character and Word is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8. My nature is deeply flawed and I am at fault if I question the veracity of His Word – for there is none that is good.. save God. There is none true, save Him. Romans 3:10

False Assumptions about God

Scripture is flooded with people who make false assumptions about God - false assumptions about God’s ways; false assumptions about God’s timings; false assumptions about God’s methods - false assumptions about God’s character. False assumptions about God’s purposes; false assumptions about God’s plans; false assumptions about God’s truth – false assumptions about God’s Word.

Scriptural Examples

Scripture gives many examples of people who built up false assumptions about God. From Adam to Malachi and from Matthew to John, God was often misunderstood. His ways seemed so strange and life’s circumstances conflicted with man’s expectations. Some allowed unbelief to develop because things did not make sense to their minds. Some trusted His Word despite the devastating circumstances crushing their lives. They learned the lesson, that in spite of everything they had to trust the Lord, "for my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD". Isaiah 55:8

Men and Women of Faith

Those that chose to trust Him and believe His word became men and women of faith and they, like Job, found His grace to be sufficient and His character to be true. Though Job did not understand the devastating trials that marred his life, he finally cried:- "I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear.. but now mine eye sees Thee – wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes." Job 42:6 If we are men of faith who trust His Word, no matter what, we will not be disappointed, and one day we will understand many things… "things too wonderful for us, which we know not now.” Job 42:3

Eternal Plans of God

The eternal plans and purposes of God are being carried out despite how things appear. Let is stand on the Word of God and trust our lives into His hands, no matter what.. until like Job we can say – "though He slay me yet will I trust Him". Job 1:15 – until like Paul we can say…"His grace is sufficient for me".

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