Pressed Pain 

Pressed out of measure and pressed to all length,
Pressed so intensely it seems beyond strength,
Pressed in the body and pressed in the soul,
Pressed in the mind ‘til the dark surges roll.

Pressure by foes and pressure by friends,
Pressure on pressure ’til life nearly ends.

Burden of Pain

We live in a world of pressure, unimaginable pain, and deep, deep hurts. We are part of fallen humanity where not one soul is untouched or uncontaminated. Men, women, children – each have their own burden of pain and weight of stress. Some very silent, some very vocal – but all harnessed to the deepest of deep agonies. Some ingrained wounds sink down into the hidden inner recesses of our being. Some jarring pains tear at our very soul and we lock ourselves away in a hidden cocoon.

Distortions of Pain

All such hurt distorts and destroys, causing fears and deep agonies. No one knows nor can understand the trauma such pain inflicts on your broken heart, or mind. Some wounds are inflicted by the cruelty of other people.. themselves deeply wounded. Some pain is intensified as we build up false imaginings, and flawed understanding. Much of our hurt is self-inflicted as we assimilate false evidence of both God and man. We self-erected false imaginings, flawed understandings, and fabricated evidence, which we foolishly believe to be the truth, and pain is further intensified.

Cause of Pain

All pain, all hurt and all wounds result from sin, and Satan’s great ploy is to build on every hurt and magnify it out of all proportion – to keep us outside the sphere of God’s love and peace,  until spent nerves jangle ceaselessly. Not one of us was promised a life free from trial or traumas and deep, deep pain – and many consider their own brand of pain, pressure, and hurt outstrips that of all others, but there is no temptation, or trial, that you have experienced, that is not common to man.

Answer to Pain

God has promised to enable you to bear your pain and go through your traumas. He will not allow you to suffer more than you are able to cope with, but has said that He will send a way of escape for you. He knows intimately each laceration and wound. Every sigh is heard. Each cry is heeded.. every step you take is watched over.. every tear you shed is collected in His bottle. He scheduled every day of your life and He has been with you in everything – for He knows you intimately and YES…. He cares. We do live in an evil world of pressure, unimaginable pain and deep, deep hurts,  and much of our hurt is self-inflicted as we assimilate false evidence of God and man.

Victory Over Pain

It is only in HIM that we can find health and wholeness. It is only Jesus Who can heal our self-inflicted and assimilated false evidence of God and man. Only He can heal each of your wounds to the depth of your our being. Indeed it is so often through the pressures, unimaginable pain and deep, deep hurts of life, that an intimate knowledge of Him is finally reached. Pressed into knowing no helper but God, Pressed into loving the staff and the rod, Pressed into liberty where nothing clings. Pressed into faith for impossible things. Pressed into living a life in the Lord; Pressed into living a Christ-life out-poured.

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