Remember Lot’s Wife 

Guard Your Heart

How important it is that we guard our heart in these increasingly evil days. How important it is that we do not let the cares of this world overtake us. Christians are warned of this attitude in many passages of scripture:- passages connected with the return of the Lord Jesus for the Church; passages connected with the Christian walk and spiritual godly living; passages connected with fruit-bearing and growing into the likeness of Christ.

Stark Warning

We are warned not to be entrapped with the excesses of this world. We are warned not to be overcharged with the cares of this life. We are warned that fruitlessness comes from the choking thorns of life’s anxieties.

Cautionary Tale

I recently read a little story from a Jewish survivor of the holocaust, he wrote, When I came out of school one day, aged 13, my mother was standing with a small bag and told me not to ask any questions and not to make any fuss, for we were to go on a long journey. She took me to the railway station in Berlin where we met other family members. We never said anything to each other, but all of us got on the train just carrying our own small hand-baggage and nothing else. We got on the Orient Express and went to Istanbul. From there we went to Palestine and managed to get in under the British Mandate.”

Signs of the Times

Yes – they escaped because they left everything that belonged to them behind. Every single possession they had was abandoned as they fled the country. They knew the signs of the times and unquestioningly obeyed the urgent call, Not one single thing did they take with them. They left it all to save their lives. Years later his aunt, a British citizen, returned to Berlin to her extensive property. She argued that her citizenship would protect her – her property was hers to reclaim. She was never heard of again. She died in a German concentration camp.

Remember Lot’s Wife

Remember Lot’s wife, we are warned. It was the Lord Himself who singled out Lot’s wife – in the context of His return. Her heart was divided. She had adopted a greedy attitude – the capitalistic attitude of Sodom. That woman had been wonderfully saved, yet she lost her life. The materialistic spirit of the age was as rife in the times of Lot’s wife as it is today.

Spiritual Reality

I believe she is a physical example of a spiritual reality. We lose this life – to gain life, in the coming Kingdom of Christ, OR we gain in this life – which causes us to lose in the next. I believe this is a very serious and solemn warning for each of us today, as we bemoan the passing of our excessive lifestyles, some look back in hunger. But it is not the chaff of this life we should be seeking – but the Bread of Life. It is not the broken cisterns of this world that satisfy – but the River of Life.

This Life

Cares of this world can choke spiritual growth and tarnish our walk with the Lord. Entrapment in the excesses of this life can disenfranchise our future inheritance. How important it is that we hold material possessions very lightly in this life.

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