The Law Of The Spirit 

The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death. (Romans 8:2)

We speak about natural laws.What are natural laws? Take the law of nourishment. Provided thatlaw is complied with, honored; and at the right time the body isgiven what it needs, not more, not less; the law of nourishmentdeals with that and quite spontaneously works out in development,growth, to express itself in various ways. It is the working of anatural law spontaneously. You do not sit down with the law, andwatch it, and worry about it. What you do is to feed yourself,and leave all the rest to the law. If you violate the law youknow all about it, but acting rightly in relation to the law youwill not be fretting all day long about the law of nourishment,you will simply be taking your meals and getting on with yourwork. The result is that you are able to work, able to go on; youare nourished.

The law of the Spirit of Life inChrist is like that. It is a law of Life, and it works out in apractical way when respected and honored. It works outspontaneously in certain directions. It has its own results quitenaturally. The law of the Spirit of Life in Christ is that law bywhich we become aware. That is the simplest way of puttingthings. The Lord Jesus knew that at a certain time He could notact, could not speak; He had no movement of the Spirit inquickening, no Life to do so at that time; in His spirit therewas no movement of Life; the law was not active in the positiveway. But when the Father, Who knew what was required in speech oraction, saw that the time had come, He did not bend down andspeak with an audible voice into His ear, and say, "Now is thetime! Say this! Do that!" He simply quickened Him inwardly. Thelaw of Life became active in that direction, and He knew by aninward quickening what the mind of God was. That is what Paulmeans when he says, "The mind of the Spirit is Life."

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Bible verses: Romans 8:2

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