The Voice Of My Beloved 

Who hath ears to hear, let him HEAR.
Matthew 13:9

This is my Beloved Son: HEAR Him.
Luke 9:35.

My Beloved SPAKE, and said unto me, "rise up, my love my fair one, and come away".
Song of Solomon 2:10

God’s Voice

If I have not learned to recognise His voice in the cries of the unlovely I have not learned to know His heart. If I cannot identify His voice in the dull and daily routine of life.. with equal enthusiasm as when He calls to me on the mountain top, I cannot realise that He wants to lift His loved one over the drudgery and monotony of daily living.

Mean Routine

How quickly we try to stumble over and endure the mean routine. How quickly we hurry through the mundane to get that ‘spiritual time’ alone that is indeed important.. and yet – He has been calling to us through the doorbell and the telephone call – the email and the supermarket line, the traffic jam and the crying child.

God’s Call

The voice of your Beloved calls out through the shrill scream of a child – or the friend who only tells you her troubles. He whispers to you in that dull meeting or in the queue to reach the checkout desk. Rise up He calls.  Rse up calls the voice of our Beloved and come away.  Come away to what?

God’s Way

Come away to the bright peak of heavenly bliss?  Come away to the rolling hills and the perfumed garden?  Come away to the cooling stream that courses its way to the oceans?  NO! The voice of my Beloved spoke to me and said.. "rise up my love my fair one and come away from self–pity and mental moanings". He did not promise to change our daily lives.. nor to remove the mundane chores. He did not commit to remove the irritating people, nor to smooth away the difficult circumstances.

God’s Promise

He promised to change US. He promised to change you. He promised to change me, so that He would shine through my every word and every deed.  He promises to conform us into His likeness and His beauty, so that Christ be formed in me and Christ be formed in you.

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