A Life Poured Out - Perfect MAN Eternal SON (18) 

Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.
Hebrews 9:22

Blood of Jesus

We read that it was “neither by the blood of goats or calves, but by His own blood that Jesus entered in once into the holy place – having obtained eternal redemption for us. The blood of Jesus did not cover for our sins. It removed them right away – forever!

Final Sacrifice

In past times the blood of bulls and goats atoned for man’s sin – it covered man’s sins. The innocent blood of animals was to cover sin until the final sacrifice was offered. Christ’s blood did not simply cover our sins – it removed them right away! But HOW and WHY did we need a perfect, innocent human sacrifice for our sins?

Inherited Sin

Well, when Adam sinned against God his very being was infused with sin – a sin nature. Adam’s sin - his sin nature was passed on to all people, so sin is inherent in all men. This inherent inclination to sin is passed down the generations, and no one is exempt. We all have inherited sin. We all have a sin nature – “the old man” as Paul often calls it.

Imputed Sin

We are also sinners because of the sins that we commit. These sins are imputed to us. The sins we commit are credited to our account, so to speak – because we have sinned! But both inherited sin from Adam and the sins imputed to us – are all worthy of death. Death is the outcome for our inherited sin nature and the many sins  that we all commit.

Meaning of Death

The wages of sin is death and the meaning of death in scripture is SEPARATION. Sin’s reward for spiritual death is separation from God - separation from all that’s good. The sinner’s greatest need is for forgiveness of sins – and God alone can forgive sins.


But God had planned a unique way that all sinners could be forgiven of their sins., but it meant that the eternal Son of God would become a perfect human being so that He could be made a sacrifice for sin – a substitute for man – a kinsman-redeemer. And all who would believe on His name would be redeemed – saved forever. Life is in the blood and without the shedding of blood, there is NO forgiveness of sins. Only a perfect kinsman-redeemer, willing to shed His own blood, could redeem mankind.

The Perfect Man

Only God’s eternal Son was good enough to pay the incredible price for humanities sin, but God is Spirit and without the shedding of human blood – is no forgiveness of sins. He had to lay aside His glory, leave His heavenly abode and become the Son of Man. And so at God’s appointed time Jesus was born – as the innocent and perfect Man. Only the blood of an innocent and perfect Man was sufficient to pay the price for sin.

Son of Man

The wages of sin is death – i.e. separation from God forever and only the shed blood of the Son of Man could have paid for our sin – and only the resurrection of the Son of Man would give us newness of life – a new life in Christ – a new creation in Christ. It was ONLY the humanity of Christ that qualified Him to die – for only as Son of Man did He have the blood pulsing through His veins that was to be shed for humanities sin.

Bible verses: Hebrews 9:22
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