The Garment of Grace 

Be clothed with humility - for God resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble. 1 Peter 5:5

Teachable Spirit

How we tend to shy from humiliation and yet it is often through the very act of being humbled that we develop a gracious and a teachable spirit. But how the Lord Jesus demonstrated this grace of humility through His earthly ministry - Even from His lowly stable birth; His status as a refugee in Egypt; His gracious attitude towards His earthly parents; His long years of hard toil in a common, little carpentry shop.

Learned Humility

How the poor, ridiculed, betrayed, and rejected Lord Jesus was meek and lowly. He was anointed of God and He was humble - He, Who had not where to lay His head throughout His earthly life. How the Lord Jesus learned humility through every facet of His wonderful life – a life that demonstrates the glorious truths of humility.

Lonely Road

Should not we, who seek to know Him more and more, follow in His path - HIS path of humility; HIS walk of suffering; HIS trail of rejections and pain?  Should we not submit to the penetrating eye of the Holy Spirit in our life - asking Him to identify pride and self-interest, that so readily tracks our earthy walk?  Should we not seek Him, where He is found – on the lonely Road of Humility?  Should not we seek to cover ourselves with humility as Jesus did – covered with the cloak of humility; clothed with the garment of grace.

Solemn Thought

Andrew Murray observed this:- "What a solemn thought, that our love for God will be measured by our everyday fellowship with men, and the love it displays. How solemn that our love for God will be found to be a delusion, unless its truth is proved in standing the test of daily life with our fellow man. It is even so with our humility. It is easy to think ourselves humble before God… and yet humility towards men, will be insufficient proof that our humility before God is real".


Christlikeness is the only proof that humility has taken up its abode in us. Christlikeness must become our very nature, as we are formed into His image. We must, like Christ, make ourselves of no reputation, in the presence of God. Lowliness of heart must become our very disposition and discipline.  Humility of heart – not only as we think of Him or when we pray, but humility of heart must become the very spirit of our lives.

Humility Manifested

Humility will manifest itself in our thoughts and behaviours, toward our fellow man. Jesus said that in the last days that "the love of most would grow cold" and many would turn away from the faith, betraying and hating each other. Paul also said to Timothy that "people would be lovers of themselves".  I don’t know that we are fully there, but there is plenty of selfishness – lovelessness; bitterness, and hatred all around us… and the church is not immune.

Clothe Yourself

I’ve noticed in many, including myself, this lack of true humility. How often we become so easily offended at truth. When did we become so unwilling to share the truth, and to receive it in love from dear friends, who desire our safety and benefit?   Be clothed with humility, for God resists the proud, and gives grace to the humble.

Bible verses: 1 Peter 5:5
Topics: Grace

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