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Different Kingdoms

Every kingdom is unique.. after its own kind – governed by God. The vegetable-kingdom is governed by its own ‘kind’ - "be fruitful and multiply"   The animal and insect kingdoms, the angelic-host, and the starry heights. All have their own design and unique laws that God has chosen to impart to them.


We too in the human-kingdom have a wide range of possibilities, values, and variety, and what tremendous heights the human-kingdom can reach.. even to the stars. Yet there is an unbridgeable dividing gap between the divine kingdom and humanity.

Natural Man

Natural man is incapable of any spiritual intercourse with the Spirit of God. This is a law that God dictated and God has His one way – His only Way; His only Truth; His only Life. Divine life imparted to a born-again soul is essential for communion with God. Divine life, (the free unmerited gift of grace from God) is the only uniting bridge.

Necessity and Blessing

Faith, in the only begotten Son, is an obligation, a necessity and a blessing for man.. if that unbridgeable gap is to be crossed – if the immeasurable gulf is to be spanned. But this first step to God is often halted a few steps down the path on the new-creation, and the spiritual newborn is halted in his spiritual life and spiritual growth. For just as the first requirement for the free unmerited gift of grace was by faith.. so too the ongoing wilderness walk through the plains and pains of this earthly life.

Spiritual Maturity

Living by faith is not the automatic outcome of the born-again believer. A life of sanctification is not the natural outcome of saved humanity. Spiritual maturity is a decision the believer makes – it’s a day-by-day choice. The ‘laws’ of sanctification (not the Law of Moses) must be applied by the believer.. but it is a choice.

Spiritual Strongholds

Without the innate sin nature, every new believer would certainly choose life. Most new Christians would undoubtedly choose the path of sanctification. But abuse from others and neglect from self, ravages the fragile new-born soul, and spiritual strongholds erected throughout life inhibit this maturation process. And the truth of God and His tremendous goodness hides behind the walls of doubt..  and God’s Father heart of love is tainted by man, through self-imposed twisted thoughts.

Life or Death

But this isn’t God’s will for our life and He has supplied the tools of life and freedom. God has set before each Christian ‘soul’ life or ‘soul’ death. God has set before each believer the route to a sanctified ‘life’ or a burdened ‘soul’

Health and Wholeness

Every single step to health and wholeness is specifically laid out in Scripture... if we would but trust that what He says.. and apply all the truths He has provided. I challenge you today to honestly and truthfully answer these questions…

These Questions

Do you ever say something like:- ”Nothing ever goes right for me…” OR, “there are just some people for whom nothing goes right and ..I am one of ‘em”..  or do you ever feel that God does not love you as much as He loves as others? If so I challenge you to take a long, hard, steady look at yourself.. for such thoughts are destructive to the soul and inhibit the sanctification process.

False Perceptions

Such thoughts deny the goodness of God and prevent His abiding presence. Such reasoning builds us a false perception of the Father heart of God. Such rationale grieves the Holy Spirit and quenches His work in your life. Such self-thoughts erect strongholds over time, that need to be smashed down. Such thoughts are not the truth of Scripture.. but are the fruit of wrong thinking. If Scripture were correctly applied such thoughts would be replaced by God’s truth.

Laws of Life

Time is short and each of us needs to prepare for the any-day return of the Lord, and God has set out the ‘laws’ of the sanctified life, in the middle of scripture… The first step towards sanctification is right thinking, and right thinking is recognising your own strongholds, doubts, and fears, so that you can turn away from the sin of erroneous thinking about God, for right thinking always starts with your own thoughts.

Right Thinking

Every attitude displayed and every word you speak starts with a thought: for as a man thinketh in this heart so is he. Prov.23:7 That is why it is so important to have the mind of Christ.. but you can block Him yourself with your own self-developed false perceptions. But the first step to right thinking is to humbly ask Him to show you your need.

Bible verses: Proverbs 23:7

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