Where is He?? 

Where is He that is born King of the Jews?
Matthew 2:2

Birth of a King

WHERE – Where is He? The birth of a prince or princess is normally greeted with joy by a nation.. at least in fairy-tales. This was the birth of the Anointed One – for Whom the Jews had long-awaited. This was the coming of that Seed of woman that silently passed down the generations.

Angel’s Proclamation

And the angels made a proclamation… and the star was a herald. Yet on the night of the Messiah’s birth there was no earthly rejoicing.. save a young, disgraced Jewish couple, entrusted with God’s greatest gift – and a few humble shepherds who came to marvel at the new-born babe.

Unprepared Nation

Yet the Nation had watched and waited, down through the silent centuries. They had been entrusted with the oracles of His coming. They had the prophets, the law, the word of truth, the hope of salvation. And yet we read that: He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not. He came unto His own, and His own people received Him not. John 1:11

Projected Presumptions

WHY?? – Why did He not match their perceived expectations? Because He fell short of their projected presumptions! Daniel’s 70th week was almost ended – yet they missed His first arrival. They knew the little Judean town Beth’hem, Ephratah – yet they called Him a Nazarene. The sceptre was taken from Israel – yet they recognised not the 12-year old child. The king was in their midst – yet they jeered: we will not have this man rule over us. Luke 19:14

Wrong Expectations

Don’t expect the Lord to come to you in the way that you expect – for He won’t. Don’t expect Him to visit you exactly as He visited others – each visitation is distinct. Every word, every work, every healing, every miracle is unique to the individual.

Different Visitation

Adam saw Him in the cool of the evening. Hagar saw Him in a blistering desert. Zaccheus found Him while up a tree.. the Samaritan woman found Him by a well. Isaiah glimpsed Him high and lifted up - Mary, while kneeling at His feet. The widow of Nain discovered Him at a funeral – Moses in a fiery bush. Naaman’s pride was humbled in the river Jordan – Nicodemus exposed at night.

Unique Visitation

Abel was accepted through a bloodied sacrifice – Peter by the shore of Galilee. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord – Paul found His grace was sufficient. The shepherds were led by a host of angels – the Wise Men followed a star. And on and on – each encounter different, distinct, dissimilar from the other. Each visitation unique, unexpected, unannounced, unforeseen in its own right.

Unexpected Visitations

But a few verses written in scripture may have been a lifetime to the one in question. Yet He came to each individual at the right time and in His unique way.. to achieve His work in them. If we rest on our own understanding we often miss His precious presence. If we rely upon our own expectations we often forgo His unexpected visitations.

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