Jesus the Great I AM 

Blind Foolishness

A few years ago I heard of a famous new-age pop-idol proclaim, I am god! She pranced nearly naked on a Californian beach – hands raised in adoration of self. As I watched this spectacle in sadness my thoughts turned to Psalm 2… I tried to imagine how God must laugh at such misguidance and blind foolishness.

Promoting Man

But this elevation of self above the self-existent God is also rife in Christendom too. This prideful desire to promote man to 'be as God’ has its roots in the garden of Eden. The branches of pride tentacle their way into every thought of man’s heart and mind.

Virulent Disease

Warnings against this virulent disease are administered throughout Scripture, but when we think we have chained this giant, we are most susceptible to his reach. The foolish words of philosophers and poets alike often helped to promote this myth – that the study of self is a key to wisdom and a door to success, joy, and contentment.

Diametrically Opposite

It was the poet Alexander Pope that is famous for his foolish words: know then thyself, presume not God to scan.. the proper study of mankind is man!!.. But His “enlightenment” is a philosophy that is diametrically opposed to the truth. This is another subtle fabrication of the enemy who seeks to destroy the soul.

Dependence on God

Perhaps a wiser and more honest ditty could be rewritten as: 'know then thyself, presume not man to applaud.. the proper study of mankind is God'. For when we know the truth of God in the word of God, we see man, for what he is. Man is created in the image of God in utter dependence on God.. for in Him that we live and move, and have our being. Acts 17:28

Power from God

All things hold together by His grace and the strength of His mighty power alone:- including the foolish little actress, the misguided poet, and the atheistic philosopher. O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken Luke 24:25 Jesus said 'you have no power at all against Jesus, except it were given you from above' John 19:11

Upheld by God

And not man only, but all created things, live and move and are upheld by God.. for by Him were all things created, are upheld by His mighty power:- visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him, and for Him Col.1:16. When God is in His rightful place, then man understands who he is.

Death to Self

The concept of a God upon whom we utterly depend is obnoxious to natural man, but to the believer, the understanding and application of this fact is vital to growth. We cannot grow in grace while feeding our ego with a false self-image – we must die to self if we are to live for God.

Enlightened Man

There is only one Being that can claim I AM that I AM – and that is God Himself. There is only one Man that can claim I AM God – and that is Christ Jesus His Son. The truly “enlightened” man is one that gives God His rightful place in his own life. The wise man is the one that puts man in his right position, with Christ on the throne – for Christ is the beloved of God and by faith, we have been placed in Him.

Beloved of God

Every child of God is in Christ and every believer has been accepted because of Him. We are in Christ and we are accepted by God and we are loved because of Jesus. The crux of the matter is not what you are, what you have, or have not in this life – but how you relate to the great I AM of Scripture.

The "I AM" of Scripture

We are to know that we are accepted in the Beloved and accepted by God. We are to glory in the privileged position into which we have been placed. We are loved and cherished by God, Who chose us from before the beginning of time – but we are to bow to the Person behind our glorious acceptance by God.

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