Liberated From Legality 

For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure” (Phil. 2:13).

One of the most subtle, tenacious, and all-pervading errors amongst Christians is slavery to the legal principle (the Galatian error). And, as in deliverance from the power of sin, there is no freedom from law apart from the death we shared in Christ on the Cross. “You too in the body of Christ have ended your relation to the law” (Rom. 7:4, Wms.).

“It is a harmful perversion of the truth of God to teach (as did the Puritan theologians) that while we are not to keep the law as a means of salvation, we are under it as a ‘rule of life.’ Let a Christian only confess, ‘I am under the law,’ and straightway Moses fastens his yoke upon him, despite all his protests that the law has lost its power. “Men have to be delivered from the whole legal principle, from the entire sphere where law reigns, ere true liberty can be found. This was accomplished on the Cross. There we ‘died unto the law’ (Gal. 2:19); we were there ‘discharged from the law’ (Rom. 6:14). And those who believe this enter the blessed sphere where grace reigns.

The Holy Spirit, indwelling the believer, performs in him the will of God, whose will, at last, is a delight (Rom. 8:3, 4; 12:2).” -W.R.N. “Law taught me to love my neighbors as myself-made my love for self the measure of my duty to my neighbor. Christianity looks for having no self at all, but giving up ourselves for our neighbors.”

“He Himself, through Jesus Christ, accomplishing through you what is pleasing to Him” (Heb. 13:21, Wms.).

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