Satan’s Main Scheme 

Satan’s Objective

Satan is a defeated enemy. Satan is a conquered foe. Satan is a crushed antagonist. Satan is a subdued fiend. His final downfall is prerecorded but his present activity is viciously cruel. The god of this world system has one main objective – one goal – one aim. It is to prevent the Lord Christ Jesus, the anointed of God, to return as King of kings. The prince of the power of the air and the forces of evil seek to prevent Christ’s return.

Great Adversary

The principalities and powers of the devil attempt to do this by deceit and thievery. This great adversary of God is in a bloody battle – to scupper the hope of the glorious gospel of Christ’s glorious return. His main focus is to rob the spiritual believer of his or her true fighting power, He is not bothered by the strength of Christian ‘talking’ or Christian ‘working’.

Prayer Strength

He’s not phased by Christian ‘advertising’, Christian ‘programs’, Christian ‘service’. He is not troubled by ‘lets-go-to-the-meeting’ power’ or ‘listen-to-the-teaching’ might! But he shudders at the genuine; fighting; Spirit-led ‘power-of-prayer’ strength. He is deeply impacted by the warrior that will resist and stand firm in the Spirit.

Christ’s Cross

And he trembles at the power of the victory of the Christ of Calvary, on His Cross. This is the area of spiritual work most feared by the principalities and power of evil. This is what the world’s dark rulers and wicked spirits in the heavenlies dread most.

Nefarious Plan

Down through the centuries evil’s plan has been to subdue true Christian witness, but it welcomes vain religiosity and pats the toothless jaws of a worldly Church. Superficial spirituality in unspiritual believers contributes to his nefarious plans. The fluff of most religious work and worship is ineffective against his grand designs.

Religious Games

So many seek to do the work of God through natural forces and carnal power. Mind, intellect, and reasoning power or the force of personality, acumen, or training.. but influence, personality, constitution, diplomas are of no consequence, and Satan happily allows many to play their religious games in freedom and comfort.


But few believers are truly prepared to stand against the wiles of the devil, and God will only work effectively through the one wholly committed to Christ, I wonder where we are on the ‘Faithometer’? Are we fair-weather Christians that will only fight when the sun is shining. Does our faith only kick in when all is going well – “a tummy-touches-table” guy? Multitudes followed Jesus for what He would give them or do for them. Even some of His Own, trusted, hand-picked disciples did not believe in Him! How many really truly had faith in Him – one here and one there?

Bible Faith

A few days ago I reflected on those that really truly had faith in the Son of Man – faith written about in the scriptures. A woman with an issue of blood – a blind-deaf mute– a dead girl’s mum and dad – and because of their faith in Jesus mountains were moved in their lives.

Hope’s Extremity

Yes, they had reached the very limit of their endurance. They had arrived at the extremity of their hope and then they trusted Him, but His own kith and kin restricted His power by their lack of faith in Him.

True Trust

Today there are multitudes that believe in Him for saving grace – and praise God, and hallelujah – many are born-again through belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. But how few really trust Him – really, really trust in Him  – often not until they reach their own breaking point in self-trust.

One Example

But there is one guy, a centurion with an ill servant, who exemplified real faith. He believed the Word of God. He knew and trusted Jesus – and that was sufficient for all he needed. It is that sort of trust and that level of faith at which the devil trembles. The one that unswervingly says, 'I trust your Word without question or query'.

God’s Will

It is the one that won’t balk at the enormity of the situations that crashes their lives. It is the one that resists all the sight and sounds of the enemy’s scheming wiles. It is the one that steadfastly says, “Thy will not mine be done” – That is the sort of believer from whom Satan flees and demons tremble.

Defeated Enemy

It’s not essential to be known of men or have a great ministry – but does the enemy tremble at your presence? Can the devil and His principalities say: “Jesus I know..” and “Paul I know.. and at your name say” I know”? Can they say that of you – and can they say it of me too? Satan is a defeated enemy. Satan is a conquered foe. Satan is a crushed antagonist. Satan is a subdued fiend.

Satan’s Goal

His final downfall is prerecorded but his present activity is viciously cruel. The god of this world system has one main objective, one goal, one aim – it is to prevent the Lord Christ Jesus, the anointed of God return as King of kings. His main focus is to rob the spiritual believer of his or her true fighting power.

Resisting Satan

Are we man enough or woman enough to stand to the end and have faith in Jesus? Will we resist the devil despite all that he does to trounce our faith in the Son or will we revert to being one of the multitude, that just looked from afar?

Paul’s Words

Let us stand before His throne of grace and say with Paul. But by the grace of God I am what I am: and His grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain, but I laboured more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was in me. 1Corinthians 15:10.

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