The Glue of Faith and Works - Man’s Nature and Destiny (3) 

A Study:- Man’s Nature and Destiny

Being a Christian

What does being a Christian mean to you? To some, it is having the right doctrine. it’s a matter of what you believe. To others it is having the correct ethic.. a matter of doing good works. To some, it is a matter of doctrine. To others, it is a matter of duty. To some it is fulfilling of both requirements – believing and doing.

Faith and Works

Some emphasise that faith without works is dead.. so believe. Others stress that works without faith is dead.. so do. Faith and works are the opposite sides of the same coin. Both are so important and yet without a third element, both are fruitless, for Christianity has its own three-fold cord. Christianity has its own glue, that cements both faith, and works together.

Impersonal Christianity

Faith alone is an impersonal, dead understanding of being a Christian. Works alone is also an impersonal, dead understanding of being a Christian. Faith and works together, is an impersonal, dead, fruitless view. You see, being a Christian is a matter of relationship with a person – the Lord Jesus Christ.

Life of Christ

Unless faith and works have His Life in-breathed into them, they are of little worth. Without a personal relationship with Christ, faith, and works both rely on me. Without a personal relationship, you have an impersonal view of Christianity. Having an impersonal view of Christianity throws us back on our own resources,

All of Him

Faith and works without the breath of life will be marked by failure. Works and faith if not quickened by the Lord, end in defeat and disappointment. Jesus said: without Me, ye can do nothing.. neither faith nor works. Without Me your faith is dead. for faith comes through Him alone: and the life which I now live in the flesh.. I live by the faith of the Son of God. Gal.2:20. And without Me your works are dead, for works come through Him alone: for it is God Who works in you, both to will and to do of His good pleasure. Phil.2:13

Christianity is Christ

Impersonal Christianity results in a life that is dead; fruitless; pointless; frustrating, but a personal view of Christianity results in a life that is quickened and transformed. Christianity is not a label with which we are stamped or a box to tick. Christianity is not a religion to adopt, an ethic to follow, a doctrine to adhere to. Christianity starts and Christianity finishes with Christ – and Christ alone… for Christ is the alpha and Christ is the omega.

Christ is All Important

Faith without CHRIST is nothing and works without CHRIST profits you nothing. You may speak in languages of men or angels, but without Christ it means nothing. You may understand all prophecy and mysteries, but without Christ it means nothing. You may have faith to remove mountains, but without Christ it means nothing. You may have good works that abound,  but without Christ it means nothing.

Most Important Thing

If your Christian life is lived without Christ.. without this relationship with Jesus, then do something about it…. now. For knowing the person of Jesus is more vital and more important than anything else in this life.

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