The Loveliness Of Jesus 

He is altogether lovely.
Song of Solomon 5:16

Person of Christ

There have been many people who have sought to discredit the person of Christ, and many have accused the Word of God of inconsistencies – many that deny its truth. There are many that call themselves atheists, who have used the Bible to prove the instability of the gospel and the flawed nature of Christ – who have turned around.

Moral Perfection

There is talk of one brilliant Brahmin scholar who was determined to bring the person of the Lord Jesus into disrepute and who spent the best part of eleven years searching Scripture to highlight the weakness of the person of Christ and the failings of His beautiful character and moral perfection – only to be brought to his knees, in faith.

Good and Gracious

Even those who pride themselves on being intellectually superior to those who trust Christ as Saviour are happy to applaud the Lord Jesus as a good and a gracious man. All who take time to study the disposition and character of Christ discover Him to display perfection throughout His lifetime and grace in all circumstances of His life.

Christ’s Character

His character is applauded by religious and political leaders alike and many of the words He used and the principles He introduced have been gathered together like a string of pearls, to adorn their own manmade creed or their singular personal mindset.

Inner Greatness

He has great strength of character and displayed an unsurpassed inner greatness. Indeed, it is noted by some that He had no particular strongpoints and NO weak-points, but in everything, He was faultless - perfect in strength and in stature of character.

No Fault in Him

The beauty of His character and the gracious words that fell from His lips did not prevent many from hating Him with a vengeance – but they could find no fault in Him. He was admired by men, loved by women, and had a wonderful affinity with children. His care for those that were unfairly treated became the grounds of their hatred – and questions that were designed to trick Him, became traps into which His accusers fell.

Exemplary Grace

His grace towards those that were poor and despised was exemplary and His loving involvement with the debased of society became a reason for some increasing hostility. He was gentle as a dove, and wise as a serpent – yet always spoke the truth in love. But what caused the proud Pharisees to hate this carpenter’s son and despise “the Nazarene”, Who had nowhere to lay His head… were the pearls of truth that He spoke.

Blinded Eyes

Their eyes were blinded to His loveliness, for there was no beauty in Him that they could discern – yet He was the altogether lovely One, Who would die for their sins. Their ears were stopped to His wisdom and their hearts were cold towards God’s only begotten Son, Who had set aside His glory and clothed Himself in mortal flesh.

Grace and Truth

He knew when to act and when to ignore and could empathise without compromise. He knew when to speak and when to remain silent – when to act and when to ignore. He could combine graciousness with truth and He could integrate mercy with justice.

Qualities of Christ

The qualities of the Lord Jesus can be seen reflecting from the faces of many people. Daniel was beloved of God, Moses meek and humble and John was the apostle of love. David was a man after God’s own heart and Abraham displayed a great trust in God.

Altogether Lovely

But every good and perfect attribute is combined in the person of Jesus Christ. He is indeed “the chief among ten thousand – the altogether lovely one!”

Bible verses: Song of Solomon 5:16
Topics: Jesus

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