Your Uncut Diamond (JOB-study 12) 

A Full Study Of JOB

Will you also annul My judgment? Will you condemn Me so that you can be righteous?

God Speaks

After an unspecified length of time and a great deal of God-searching questions, the final words of the Lord to Job, summed up God’s astonishing soliloquy. The Lord beholdeth all high things. He is a king over all the children of pride. Job 41:34. Job trusted and held to the truth of the Lord that he knew, and Job spoke rightly of God. Job upheld his correct understanding of the Lord, but it wasn’t fully complete. Job held the rough, 'uncut diamond', of God’s truth and understanding in his heart – but it took much time and heart-searching for its full-cut brilliance to be revealed.

God’s Word

The ‘uncut jewel’ of God’s Word is the possession of all God’s children – as with Job, but it must be expertly cut into different facets and faces, to reveal its hidden beauty. It must be cut and polished and become more complex, to display its deeper truth. It is still the same Word of Truth, but skilfully managed by the Spirit of Truth. God is willing to reveal the Word’s deep brilliance to all His children – as with Job. Truth laid bare by the Master Jeweller, if you are willing to patiently endure it. Acceptance of the truth in its simplest form leaves much to be learned. Unless you permit the Spirit to develop the simple truth through circumstances – you will one day realise that your initial understanding of God is limited and you will one day discover your relationship with the Lord is insufficient.

Deeper Truth

Faith does indeed come by hearing, and hearing by the Word of truth.. but trust can remain in infancy for years, even decades, if not allowed to develop. Faith grows by experience. Faith grows by your own Job Experience – as it did in the life of Job. Job held to his initial truth about God, but was willing to learn the deeper truth – but Job had to be willing to allow the Master Jeweller to expertly cut and polish him.

God’s Nature

Job questioned, but did not condemn God despite life’s distressing contradictions. And through the most arduous conditions, Job was taken to a new level of understanding. This wasn’t so with Job’s friends. They remained unteachable throughout the ordeal. Job never denounced God’s goodness, though he bitterly questioned Him with tears,  but of necessity, Job had to relinquish some of his long-held understandings. In Job’s case, it was a recognition of his own prideful ego and his own insufficiency.

God’s Integrity

Do you have any long-held understandings, that conflict with God’s 'Cut Diamond'? Do you need to question your own long-held and perhaps distorted beliefs? Like Job, you may not question the goodly character of God directly and like Job and you may not sin with your lips – but do you question your own worthiness in the sight of God? Do you compare the lives and experiences of others as more deserving of His love? – if so you question the truth of God’s unconditional love.

God’s Wisdom

Have you ever considered His love for you as less than it is for someone else…  because of some deep secret or painful disappointment hidden in your own life? If so, you question the truth of God’s unchanging integrity. Or have you ever considered His ear is wider open to another, favored bond-slave – because in your sight, you consider that person more worthy to God?  If so, you question the truth of God’s eternal character. Or do you find it difficult to understand His apparently careless dealings with you – dealings you consider negligent towards many of his blood-bought bond-servants?  If so you question the truth of God’s immutable wisdom and inerrant word.

Deeper Understanding

So rid yourself of your inbuilt perceptions, for like Job that is what they are – and allow His Spirit of truth to cut deeper into your own 'life’s diamond'. Allow Him to give you a deeper understanding – an understanding, refined through your own unique, 'Job Experience'. Deeper truth – designed specifically to draw You, into His arms of love. And you will then see the more expansive truth of His love for you – as did Job. You will then not only hear the Word of truth – but you will increase in your own understanding of the truth – and you shall know the truth, and truth will set you free. John 8:32

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