Governed By God 

Fall of Man

Adam was created in the image and likeness of God, but sin damaged that likeness when he believed the lie and deceit of the enemy and Adam rebelled against God. And since that first sin of disobedience, which caused all humanity to be imputed with a sin nature, there has only been one man who lived in the image and likeness of God – one man who lived as God intended that man should live – in total dependence upon Him.

Perfect Man

For thirty-three years the Lord Jesus walked this earth and lived as God intended man to live. Throughout His life Jesus lived a normal life.. a perfect life – the sort of life that God intended all men to live. Jesus lived His life in complete submission to the Father and in total dependence upon His God – led by the Spirit of God.

Invisible God

God is Spirit and no man has seen God at any time, and yet the invisible God has declared Himself in the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. And Jesus revealed the invisible God and made Him known to a lost world. The unique and only begotten Son of God, Who from eternity past was in the intimate presence of the Father, and resting on His bosom declared Him – revealed Him, interpreted Him. and made Him known.

Dependant Living

God in His grace and wisdom chose to come to earth, in the person of the incarnate Son of God. He clothed Himself with our humanity and lived His life as a perfect man. God in His wisdom and grace chose to be born as a man and to behave throughout His lifetime as God intended man to live. And for 33 years Jesus demonstrated the life God created man to live – dependant upon God, and only saying and doing the perfect will of God.

Perfect Obedience

The eternal Son of God willingly emptied Himself of His glory as God, and humbly clothed Himself in the flesh of humanity, in order to live His life as God intended man to live – walking in spirit and truth and living in perfect obedience to His Father in heaven. Throughout His life, the Lord Jesus demonstrated man in submission to Deity as well as God being lived through the man – man governed by God as God intended from the beginning.

Image of God

Fallen man was created in the image of God, but it was only when the God lived His life through the man Christ Jesus that He was able to say, He who has seen me has seen the Father and the words that I speak I do not speak of My own authority but the Father Who dwells in Me, does the work.

Governed by God

Though He was fully God, the Lord Jesus lived His life as fully man, demonstrating to you and me what it means to live in spirit and truth.. what it means to be led by the Spirit and submitted to Him – what it means to live in complete and utter dependence upon God.. what it means to be governed by God. As Christ humbly lived in utter dependence and willing obedience to the Father – in the same way, He wants us to live in utter dependence upon Christ Jesus, and in willing obedience to the Son – from this day forward to His praise and glory. AMEN.

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