Know The Truth 

Man’s Accountability

The third law of thermodynamics in one move sweeps aside the theory of evolution, for everything is moving from order to disorder – not from a low order to a higher. But how many arguments, debates, papers, and thesis have raged in this auditorium. A disproved hypothesis must be fanned into life – to submerge the awful truth, that man is accountable to a higher Being and not master of his own destiny.

Relative Humanity

When you analyse all the arguments, you must conclude that there is one issue. It is not so much the existence of God – but what think ye of the Lord Jesus Christ. In a world of relativism, absolute truth is shocking; appalling; scandalous; odious.  Absolute truth is revolting, repulsive, and repugnant to secular, relative humanity – and 2000 years ago it was rejected by Israel’s religious right and her liberal left.

Toxic Reaction

Christ’s claim to be Messiah was offensive to legalistic, religious, apostate Israel, and His claim to be Truth, the whole truth and nothing but truth outraged them – and the toxic reaction to His gracious word speaks volumes to all who have ears.

Inflexible Religiosity

In John Chapter 8 we read that as Jesus was talking many Jews believed in Him. And addressing those Jews who believed on Him, Jesus said to them:-  if ye abide in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed, and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:31. But these inflexible, religious Jews were slaves to sin and captive to their traditions. To these men, absolute Truth was shocking, appalling, scandalous – odious.

False Perceptions

And sheltering in their legalistic and incorrect perceptions of God’s anointed, they cried:- we be Abraham’s seed, and were never in bondage. John 8:33.. to which Christ replied: ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. John 8:34

Truth or a Lie

What’s your reaction to Christ’s words to men who supposedly believed in Him? He knew if they would not accept absolute truth, then they would believe a lie. He knew that rejecting absolute truth meant accepting a relative agenda.

All of Nothing

With Christ it must be all or nothing – there can be no middle ground. Either Christ is absolute truth or you buy into the pagan, relative mindset. Either Christ will set you free – or you are entrapped and in bondage. When you analyse all the arguments, you must conclude that there is one issue – what think ye of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Absolute Truth

Jesus says to all: if ye abide in my Word, then are ye My disciples indeedand ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free. John 8:31 Is the Truth of His Word a non-negotiable, absolute truth to you? Is the Truth of His Person similarly an unqualified, non-negotiable truth to you – or are there things that conflict with your own experience or perceptions? Are there areas in your self-life that you want to hang onto a little longer?

 Rightly Divided

In a world of relativism, the absolute Truth of God’s Word has been carved up. Experiences, prejudice, distortions, and bias have crept into the gospel of Truth. The Word of Truth has been mingled with man’s mind and not rightly divided. This may seem shocking, appalling, scandalous, and odious – but it is true.

Learn Christ

Learn of Me was Christ’s entreaty to His disciples. Learn Christ was Paul’s appeal to all who believe on His name. If Learning Christ is the desire of your heart, relative truth must be put away – so that Christ Who is Truth.. remains non-negotiable.

 Not I But Christ

God desires us to be transformed into the image and likeness of Christ.. but the shocking, appalling, scandalous, odious thing is that there’s no good in me. All that is of me and my flesh must go if Christ is to be all in all in my life.

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