Apprehending The Purpose Of God 

The Spirit alone gives eternal life. Human effort accomplishes nothing. (John 6:63 NLT)

It is one thing to have aconception or apprehension of the purpose of God, and to be givenup to it, but it is an extra thing to know how God would realizeHis purpose. It is still another thing to know the means He wouldemploy. There are many who have a true conception of what God'spurpose is, but the means which they employ are not God's means,the way in which they go to work is not His way, and thereforethey find that the Lord does not support them. They may be in atrue direction, but being out of fellowship with the method ormeans they are compelled to take responsibility for the workthemselves, and to find the resources. Thus they find themselvesoftimes exhausted, brought to a standstill, and having to resortto all kinds of methods and means to raise the resource to carryon God's work, because they are not in the real enjoyment of HisOwn support. The work of God becomes a burden upon their shoulders,and the Lord cannot order it otherwise because there is not thefullest fellowship and sympathy between them and His ways, Hismethods, His means, His times and the details of His purpose.

Now, in the case of the Lord Jesus it was quite the contrary. In the details He was in secret fellowship with the Father. With Him this represented a detailed obedience unto one comprehensive purpose. The only explanation needed by Him in any given matter was simply that of knowing that the Father willed it, and without any further word He did it. That was the basis of His relationship. Never do we trace in Him a sign of waiting to question why a thing should be done in a certain way, or at a certain time and not another, or why certain means should be employed and not others. It was enough that the Father willed it. The explanation came in the justification and vindication that followed. The doing of the will of God was a matter of that obedience which never moves out from self but always out from the Father. As that held good in His case the spiritual resources of sustenance, maintenance, strength, and energy were supplied.

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Bible verses: John 6:63
Topics: Purpose

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